June 2nd, 2016 at 11:00 am

Man cave essentials

Father’s Day is almost here, so why not go over the top and get Dad the most outrageous, outlandish, and extravagant gifts that are essential to any man cave? You want him to relax, play games, and have fun in his home hideaway, right?

We scoured the web to find nine awesome, high-end goodies that Dad can immerse himself in on Father’s Day and any day. In fact, he just might never come out.

man cave essentials

Collector’s Edition 1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table

You’ll need a bit of pocket change to buy it, but Dad will be revved up to own this almost-full-size Mustang pool table. It’s practically road-ready with working lights, real chrome bumpers and hardware, real alloy rims and tires, and a professional 4-by-8-foot slate playing top. The front and rear are actual size and trimmed with real Ford Mustang parts. Now you’ll be able to tell him to take a cue and hit the road at the same time!

Man Cave Sign

This original typographical wood collage announces to the world what lies within.

Gravity Massage Chair with Foot Rollers

You could buy Dad a massage. Or a chair. But why not get him a twofer in this robotic recliner that’ll work him over from head to toe? He can experience full-body, partial, and fixed massages in six styles–rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish, and combo. Five levels of speed and intensity, plus three kinds of width-adjustable settings, assure Dad will be one mellow fellow.

Skee-Ball Centennial Alley Game

Take Dad back to his youth with the 100th-anniversary edition of this classic amusement-arcade game. It blends a retro 1930s-style oak exterior with 21st-century technology plus authentic flip-style scoring display and pull-handle activation. It’s sure to score a hit with Dad and his competitive cave-dwelling buddies.

Marshall Compact Fridge

It looks like a guitar amp, but is way cooler. Literally. It’s actually a quiet, high-efficiency refrigerator with room for plenty of cans and bottles. It’s the accessory he’s been thirsting for.

Super Mario LEGO Aquarium

You might have to help Dad make it, but this DIY fish tank will be a real conversation piece. It’s created with LEGO pieces assembled to emulate one of the all-time-favorite video games. Fish seem to like it, too, with plenty of spaces to explore while Dad and his friends watch in rapture.

Sony 65-Inch Class 2160p Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range

It’s big, it’s thin, and Dad will be wide-eyed when he sees it. This 64.5-inch-diagonal is powered by Android TV for a huge array of entertainment options. Sony’s 4K processor X1 generates a wider brightness range than typical LED TVs. It even lets Dad use his smartphone to quickly find information and search by voice. His first word will be “Aaaaaahhhh!”

Float Levitating Table

Sort of like a huge Rubik’s Cube with the structural integrity of a marshmallow, this squishy table will keep Dad fascinated for hours. The magnetized wooden cubes repel each other in a never-ending matrix of patterns. Will they support a beverage can? A book? A TV dinner? Dad will have plenty of opportunities to find out.

Hidden Door Hinge System

Every guy has secretly wanted a secret door. Now Dad can add one to his cave with this DIY swing-in or swing-out bookshelf door system. It holds up to 250 pounds and opens or closes with just a touch. What’s behind that door? Only Dad will know.

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