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housewarming party etiquette

A real estate purchase, especially for first-time buyers, is a significant moment in the owner’s life. It shows friends and family that hard work has paid off and the buyer is now pursuing their own American dream. It’s an achievement many work toward during their adult life. The idea of a housewarming party is not a new one, but it has become a social norm.

If you’ve never attended a housewarming party, you might find yourself at a bit of a loss when the invitation arrives in the mail. After all, housewarming parties follow a slightly different format than other gatherings. For example, when attending a baby shower, it is considered bad etiquette if an attendee shows up without a gift. The host for these types of parties also varies. With a baby shower, the host or party planner is typically an immediate family member, but with a housewarming party, the party is most often thrown by the new homeowners.

The same rules don’t always apply

For a housewarming party, you won’t necessarily be following the same type of party etiquette as you would for a baby shower. The main purpose of a housewarming party is to invite family and friends into a newly purchased home. There’s no specific time frame for when a housewarming party should occur, so this could mean the party is thrown before or after a home has been furnished.

Refreshments served at a housewarming party also depend largely on the hosts as well as the time of day the party occurs. Some housewarming parties might involve a full dinner, while others could consist of refreshments and appetizers.

When attending a housewarming party, it’s in good taste to bring something with you to contribute to the festivities. Although this is not a requirement, it is very much appreciated by the party hosts. Should you choose to bring a dish to share, a dessert or appetizer is most often welcomed. Bring something with single servings so guests can easily eat while they mingle. Cupcakes, cookies, and brownies all make great contributions to a housewarming party.

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What about gifts?housewarming etiquette

With most housewarming parties, guests are not required to bring a gift. However, it is considered to be good etiquette to attend a party with something for the homeowner in hand. Unless the homeowner has specifically specified that no gifts are required, plan to bring something along. Gifts can vary in price and size. Typically, party guests will bring a gift that the homeowner can use that evening, such as food, wine, other beverages, or something they can enjoy at a later date. Check back next week for our full guide to housewarming party gifts.

Guest policy

If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party and the invitation does not specify a  plus one, be sure to ask the hosts prior to arriving at the party.

During the party

Because this event is about the new home, show interest in the projects the host has completed or intends to complete. Upon arrival, let the host show you around the new space and show off their new purchase. If you arrive and the host has not greeted you at the door, look for the hosts before you begin to mingle with other party guests, and don’t forget to congratulate them on their recent purchase! Enjoy yourself throughout the party, but don’t expect the hosts to entertain you throughout the whole event as they will have other guests to greet. Before you depart, thank the hosts for inviting you into their new home.

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