September 19th, 2014 at 10:30 am

Post by: Marsha Shepard

When my husband got ready to retire, we checked out several different West Coast spots. We are from Oregon and wanted warm weather. Although we could get a well-priced townhome in Las Vegas or a casita on the golf course in Arizona, we chose to retire in downtown San Diego. It is true that cost per square foot is more, but do you really need as much space? We sold our Oregon home furnished and hit the road. We’ve never looked back. Here are just some of the reasons we’re retiring in downtown San Diego.

10. Walkability
We wanted to be able to ditch the car. If needed, we could live quite well here without a vehicle. There are four grocery stores downtown as well as a multitude of restaurant delivery services. We walk to get our hair cut, teeth cleaned, to the doctor’s office, optometrist, jewelry repair, notary and office-supply store. Downtown San Diego has everything you need within a short walk.

9. Bike-ability
When you’re retired, you’ll find biking an easy-on-the-joints exercise that is sure to please. Downtown San Diego offers some of the most scenic paved, off-road bike trails anywhere. There’s even talk of constructing a hanging bike path under the San Diego-Coronado Bridge.

8. Low energy bills
Because the temperature is constantly in the 70s, we find we seldom need air conditioning and never need heating. Open the windows and feel the breeze.

7. Lots of activities
Our favorites are the summer symphony at an outdoor venue with table service. It presents a variety of well-known artists backed up by the San Diego Symphony. The shows end with a fireworks display. The last performer we saw was Boz Scaggs.

Marsha-Dogs16. Dog-friendly
Many retirees ask me about bringing their pup into a downtown condo. This town is geared for dogs. There are lots of nearby pet stops. Many of the restaurants allow you to bring your dog to their outside areas.

5. Get on the water
Every so often, we take the ferry over to Coronado for the fun, 20-minute ride San Diego Bay. You can always find a friend with a sailboat and can be out on the water quickly.

4. Watch the surfers
We also enjoy going to Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, about 15 minutes by car. We take our music and beach chairs and veg out.

3. The awesome airport
I remember when driving to the airport took us longer than getting to our destination. Sometimes we can see our son’s plane coming in from our balcony and then leave to pick him up. It’s about a seven- minute ride.

2. Condo services
Many downtown San Diego condos are geared for total service: saltwater swimming pools, spas, handball courts, massage rooms, guest suites, concierges, fitness centers, movie rooms, event rooms, package delivery, dry cleaning, valet parking and dog walkers. There are many levels of services for your review.

1. The top reason to retire in downtown San Diego is the people.
You are in a vertical subdivision where many people have the same interests as you but are from all cultures and countries. Socialize as little or as much as you want. There’s something for everyone here. It is truly a retirees’ paradise.


Marsha Shepard has been in residential real estate for more than 30 years and is an agent at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Properties in the downtown San Diego Gaslamp Office for Neuman and Neuman.Send me your referrals and I will take good care of them.” Marsha can be reached at or (619) 995-1520.


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