December 22nd, 2015 at 11:00 am

selling your home during the holidays

Author: Rosamaria Acuna

Do you think putting your home on the market in winter and during the holiday season is a bad idea? You would be surprised. Buyers at year end are serious and motivated, and inventory may be limited as other sellers wait for the New Year. Your home may be a standout, particularly if you get it prepared by taking some simple steps.

Declutter your home

Start packing – you are moving. We all have pictures and objects that we think are charming because they are part of our lifestyle. But the potential buyer is not charmed by them and sees nothing but distractions. You want buyers to picture themselves in the living spaces you are selling, and not sidetracked by your personal objects. .

Freshen the home with a thorough cleaning

Don’t be hesitant to repaint rooms that look “tired.” A few dollars spent does wonders for the appearance. Wash the windows inside and outside, and power-wash the exterior. Don’t forget curb appeal. Keep the yard free of debris and leaves. The effects of drought can be minimized with evergreen trees, or container plants and cold-weather flowers to make the premises inviting.

Don’t go overboard with decorations

They distract buyers and crowd your home. Keep things simple and fresh, and be cautious with religious items as some people are sensitive about such symbols.

Hire a professional local REALTOR®

Interview a few local agents who work full time and won’t check out for the holiday season. Recommendations from friends, family and local professional associations are also helpful.

Work only with qualified, motivated buyers

Motivated buyers usually are qualified buyers, meaning they have lined up financing and are ready to buy. Without full loan approval, they are not real buyers but wishful holiday shoppers who take up time and energy chasing a “sale” that will not happen.

Price your home to sell

This is true regardless of the time of the year. Study shows overpriced homes will take longer to sell and, in some cases, sell for less than what they could have sold for had they been priced at market. If you hire a professional REALTOR®, you are prepared to ask for the best market price supported by relevant statistics.

The Internet plays a huge role

Most buyers are browsing online to look for their ideal property. Take professional high-quality photos with special lighting, and record a virtual tour of the home. First impression is everything. The weather can be cold, gloomy and wet, so your home needs to pop and be cheery. A video is a great way to capture buyers who are thinking of relocating or visiting family during the holidays. This also attracts attention from out of state and global buyers, especially from areas with freezing weather. Photos and comment about the neighborhood is also very important.

When the house is being shown, make sure it is warm, cozy and inviting

No one wants to visit a cold, dark home.

Host a holiday open house

Invite REALTORS® with prospective buyers, friends, and neighbors. Serve holiday treats with warm apple cider, and play soft music during the open house. If you have a fireplace, light a fire for added ambiance. Get some tips for staging your open house.

Offer a holiday gift to the buyer

Everyone loves gifts. Offer a closing bonus to the buyer if they close by a certain date. This makes for a great incentive to buy.

Don’t stress out– leave your worries to a pro! With the stress of the holiday season, it’s best to work with a professional to outline a plan with all the details to obtain top dollar and a hassle-free sale. Now could be the best time to show off your home. Typically there are fewer homes on the market, so your home will get more attention. Plus, some buyers love starting the year with a new home.


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  • Georgia B says:

    I really like your tip on not going overboard with decorations. Selling during the holidays is a great opportunity to make your home look warm and cozy, but it’s important to keep things tasteful. If you keep the decorations minimal, you’ll be able to help potential buyers see the personality of your home without being off-putting.

  • CC says:

    Thanks Georgia! Glad you enjoyed our article.

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