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You’ve probably heard of Earth Day, which falls on April 22 every year. But did you know that the entire month of April is dedicated to environmental protection?

April is a great month to take on eco-friendly challenges or renew efforts that you have noticed yourself lacking in.

We want to help you get started, so we found 11 easy ways that you can be more eco-friendly every day:

Ditch your paper cups

Instead of using a new paper cup every time you need to hydrate at work, bring a cup from home or invest in an insulated water bottle. Keeping your own water glass or cup at your desk will not only cut down on waste, but it will also encourage you to drink more water throughout the day.

You can even use your reusable water bottles when you go out to eat, or take them with you on errands so you don’t have to buy plastic bottles at the grocery store or gas station.

Other things you can reuse every day at home and in the office:


Say “no thanks” to straws

And the lid (whenever possible)! We know that this might be a tough one for some of you. But when dining out, consider asking for no straw. Think of how much plastic waste restaurants would cut back on if we all ditched straws for good.

At home, purchase a pack of reusable straws for your smoothies and beverages on the go. Special straw cleaning brushes ensure they stay clean and germ-free!

Buy reusable K-Cups

Keurigs are an amazing invention, which we can all agree on. The one not-so-amazing thing about Keurigs, though, is that they create a lot of waste. Each delicious (and often necessary) cup of coffee creates plastic waste that cannot be erased from our Earth. By investing in reusable K-Cups, you can pack in your favorite blend, brew, rinse, and enjoy!

Instead of throwing out your used coffee grounds, use them in your garden or compost pile and you’ll be another step closer to a zero-waste household.

These reusable K-Cups found on are the same ones our marketing team uses!



Follow the law

California recently passed a law that grocery and convenience stores must charge you 10 cents per plastic bag unless you bring your own. Although to some of us that extra 10 or 20 cents per shopping trip doesn’t seem like a huge financial burden, it increases the burden on our environment every time you leave your cloth bags at home. Stock up on reusable bags and keep them in your trunk or glove compartment at all times. Mother Nature thanks you!

This new law means 15 billion pieces of trash will be saved from our oceans, rivers, communities, and landfills every year.


Cook from scratch

Sure, those pre-chopped salads and vegetables will save you prep time and extra cleanup in the kitchen. But if you’re truly dedicated to being more eco-friendly, opt for the whole-food version instead. It’s something you’ll have to get used to, so we won’t judge you if you choose the easy way occasionally. Bring your own reusable produce bags to seal the eco-friendly deal.


Eat less meat

Did you know that meat and dairy products have much higher greenhouse gas emissions compared to fruits and vegetables? It also takes exponentially more water to produce one pound of beef than it does for a pound of corn, soybeans, and potatoes combined. If everyone decided to follow a Meatless Monday diet, it would have a huge impact on our water footprint.

Turn off the tap

You’ve heard this one before, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded: Turn off the water when you’re not physically using it. Common times you can stop the flow:


Does your coworker live one street over? Do your kids go to school with other kids in the neighborhood? When meeting a friend for dinner, is his or her house on the way for you to pick him or her up?

Even if you can’t carpool every day or for every situation, get in the habit of doing it when you can. Fewer cars on the road not only means less traffic, but it also means reduced car emissions and less damage to our planet.

Power down

Some of your appliances may be sucking up electricity even when the’re turned off. Invest in a power strip so that you can power off all your appliances and devices every time you leave the house, or when the’re not in use.

Not using a room in your home? Shut off the lights.


Shop thrifty

Are you in need of a new coffee table? Look online or at your local Goodwill first. Even if the tables need a few DIY repairs, you’ll be saving money and the environment. If you still can’t find anything that fits your style, go ahead and hit up

The kids want a trampoline? Search on Offer Up  or Craigslist. Chances are, your kids are going to use the trampoline for a summer or two before moving on to the next big thing. When they’re done with it, be sure to try to resell it or give it to another family.

Need a new dress for a company event? Check out Posh Mark to shop gently used clothing from well-respected sellers. You can read reviews and comments from other people who’ve purchased from them, plus ask for additional photos and measurements before you buy.

Buying secondhand reduces waste in our landfills and it can save you tons of money.


This should be something that you have been doing for years, but if it isn’t, you need to start ASAP. Make sure your home and office have a designated recycling bin, and that those recyclables aren’t being sorted out just to be shipped to the landfill. If you’re unsure about where the recycling in your office building is going, ask management or facilities to double-check.

Don’t have a recycling bin? Contact your city to find out where and how to get one.

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What are some other ways you are pledging to be more eco-friendly this year? Let us know in the comments!

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