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guest room necessities

Residents of Southern California all have one thing in common: They live in one of the most beautiful areas in the nation, maybe even the world. Knowing that, it’s easy to assume that all of your friends and relatives are going to want to come visit and stay with you, sometimes for extended periods of time.

Hosting guests should be a fun and relaxing experience for everyone, and although you can’t control how your guests will behave, you can control how memorable their experience will be. Below we’ve created a list of 11 essentials that every guest room should have.

1 | Fresh bedding

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, fresh linens and extra blankets are a must-have. Even if you washed your guest room bedding after your last guests left, you should still wash your sheets again a couple of days before your guests arrive. They will smell fresh and will welcome your guests into bed after a long day of traveling and activities.

2 | Extra towels

Make sure your guest towels are in a prominent spot in the guest room, so your guests will have no doubt which towels are meant for them before they hop in the shower. Try to provide at least two towels per guest, depending on how long they are staying, and tell them to let you know if they need more.

3 | Wi-Fi passwordGuest room necessities

Have your Wi-Fi password on display so  your guests can connect and immediately feel more at home. They will likely want to check emails and share on social media, without using up all of their data.

4 | Closet space

Especially if your guests are staying more than a few nights, they will likely want to hang some clothes and make sure their personal belongings are out of the way. Before your guests arrive, check that:

5 | Books, magazines, and brochures

Lots of people enjoy quiet reading time in the morning or evening, so it is always nice to provide a small library for your guests. Include some of your favorite books and up-to-date magazines in case they left theirs at home or on the plane. Pick up brochures that highlight your community, in case they see something that they have to do while in town.

6 | Extra toiletries

Nothing is more upsetting than forgetting your toothbrush or shampoo, so providing a box or basket of the essentials is always a great idea. You never want your guest so feel embarrassed about asking for floss or extra toilet paper. Some items to include:

7 | A spare house key

If your guests will be doing some sightseeing on their own while you are at work, a nice gesture would be to leave them with a key. Be sure to attach it to a ribbon or key chain so they don’t lose it!

8 | Lighting

If your guest room has an overhead light, be sure to also include a lamp near the bed. This way, your guests can read a book or catch up on emails before they fall asleep and won’t have to get out of bed again to turn off the light. It’s little things like this that make all the difference!

9 | Chargers

You can easily find cheap phone chargers online to keep in your guest room. Though you won’t be able to provide every type of charger there is, cover the basics by having at least an Android and iPhone charger. This way, if your guests forgets theirs they won’t have to feel like a nuisance every time they need to charge their devices.

10 | Snacks

Set out a fruit bowl, bottled water, coffeemaker, and granola bars so your guests can satisfy a late-night or early-morning craving without having to disturb you or feel awkward about snooping through your kitchen. If your guests drink, a bottle of wine is also a nice touch.

Tip: Stick to white wine to avoid stains, and don’t forget to leave out a wine key.

11 | A personal touch

Fresh flowers, a personalized “welcome” note that includes instructions or answers any questions they may have, and a small gift are all items that will make your guests feel instantly relaxed and at home. You might also consider leaving out a guest book and Polaroid camera, so every guest can leave their mark and see who else you have invited into your home.

Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments!

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