August 16th, 2019 at 11:00 am


Back to school means one of two things for parents: Back to piles and piles of weekly homework, or, if your students are college-aged, back to a quiet, empty nest.

Home offices are a great solution for keeping your work, whether school-related or not, separate from the rest of your home life. You or your child can work hard, then close the door when it’s time to relax. 

Or, if your students are away in college, you may find yourself with an extra bedroom to spare.

Find inspiration from these 11 homes offices, they’ll have you ready to knock out a project or study for an exam in no time.

Santa Ynez | $29,750,000

Presented by Gloria Easter Real Estate & Kerry Mormann


This home study is perfect for privacy when you need to get your work done, or hosting coworkers and classmates when you have a project that requires collaboration.

Santa Barbara | $11,700,000

Presented by Hitchcock & Associates


Good luck getting any work done with a view like this! We won’t blame you if everything takes twice as long, blue skies and ocean water can be very distracting.

Los Angeles | $6,950,000

Presented by Larry Young & Penny Negrin


When you’re hard at work, what could be better than some natural light? We love how bright and open this office is.

Santa Barbara | $6,275,000

Presented by Marsha Kotlyar


Another home office with plenty of natural light, where you’re sure to find inspiration no matter what you’re working on.

Santa Barbara | $4,195,000

Presented by Marsha Kotlyar


The large window and seat might be just what you need when you’re ready for a study or work break. Then, when you’re recharged, you can jump right back into your work without missing a beat.

Los Angeles | $3,799,000

Presented by Yvette Busot & Larry Young


This setup is perfect for working at home, especially if you regularly invite clients, colleagues, or classmates over.

Santa Barbara | $3,325,000

Presented by Randy Glick


Tucked away, this spacious home office is perfect for studying solo or in a group.

Santa Barbara | $2,850,000

Presented by Kellie Roche Clenet


Homework? No problem. Need to finish a report for your boss? Piece of cake! Ready to get some online shopping done? Pull out your credit card, because this home office is well-equipped to handle all of your needs.

San Juan Capistrano | $2,695,000

Presented by Shauna Covington


This home office looks almost too relaxing to work in, but that may be a good thing if you have a lot of work to get done and are easily stressed. So take a deep breath and get to work!

Santa Barbara | $1,495,000

Presented by Angela B. Moloney


With space for two, you can work alongside your little one as they get their homework done for the week.

Solvang | $1,065,000

Presented by Laura Drammer


This home office is the perfect example of utilizing an extra bedroom as a work space.

Still searching to find your perfect home office? Search all homes for sale in Southern California now.

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