September 28th, 2017 at 11:00 am


If you’re a coffee lover, you know that starting your say is pretty much impossible without at least one steaming cup of fresh coffee.

It’s easy to brew a big pot and dump it into a travel mug as you race out the door, but waking up an extra 10 to 15 minutes earlier could give you the time to sit back, sip, and relax before you start your busy day.

And, if you have a home that comes with exquisite views or a quiet location to enjoy your morning brew, we think you’ll be more likely to take that extra time for yourself early in your day.

These California homes for sale all have stunning views, peaceful backyards and patios, and beautiful kitchens that will get you pumped (full of caffeine) and ready to take on the day.

San Juan Capistrano | $6,498,000

Presented by Carol McLaughlin


Fantastic views, a relaxing patio, and a party bar that can double as an artisan coffee station make this home the perfect spot to pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and sip in peace.

San Diego | $4,846,876

Presented by Robert Gabhart & Jeff Katz


This property is proudly positioned on the Mission Beach boardwalk, epitomizing the beach lifestyle and boasting ocean views inside and out. What could be more relaxing than waking up to the sound of crashing waves and the smell of a fresh-brewed pot of coffee? We’ll wait.

Beverly Hills | $4,500,000

Presented by St. James + Canter


The kitchen was designed to be the heart of the home, and it most definitely is. Peaceful, modern design goes well with a steaming cup of coffee. Just add milk and sugar and you’re ready to tackle the day!

Solana Beach | $2,648,000

Presented by Valerie Tuck


From the front porch to the backyard to the viewing decks, this home guarantees a fresh start to every morning. And, if it’s too cold to enjoy your cup of joe outside, you can curl up by the fire or even sit in the window seat upstairs.

Del Mar | $2,199,000

Presented by Jeff Katz


Panoramic, top-of-the-world views will mesmerize you every morning. You may not even need to finish that cup of coffee to fully wake up!

Coronado | $1,899,000

Presented by Margaret Irving & Paulette Fennello


Views of Downtown San Diego, high ceilings, and natural lighting make this charming Coronado condo highly desirable. Your private patio is the perfect spot to catch up on emails and sip your homemade pumpkin spice latte.

San Clemente | $1,875,000

Presented by Diana Crandall & Maria Colapinto


Unobstructed views as far as the eye can see… over your coffee mug. Ocean breezes make every morning refreshing and revitalizing.

San Clemente | $1,725,000

Presented by Scott Kidd & Associates


The entire backyard is newly landscaped with custom fencing and several areas for outdoor seating. Just grab your mug and enjoy your serene surroundings.

Santa Barbara | $1,699,000

Presented by Michelle Cook


This home’s large, open deck is ideal for enjoying a cup of your favorite blend in the morning. Bring a book, the newspaper, or your Twitter feed and start your day well-informed and ready for anything.

Santa Barbara | $1,695,000

Presented by Michelle Cook


Situated in a bright, sophisticated kitchen is a cozy breakfast nook that will always be there for you, even on your earliest mornings.

San Diego | $1,599,000

Presented by Shaun Worthen


A shaded patio in your very own backyard might be one of the most convenient and relaxing spots to enjoy your hot coffee in the morning and your iced coffee in the afternoon.

Calabasas | $1,549,000

Presented by Jane Cudworth


Tons of patio space, mountain views, and lush landscaping will help you find your zen and caffeinate at the same time. Contact one of our experienced agents for more available real estate in Calabasas.

San Clemente | $1,499,00

Presented by Candy Flock


If these views don’t wake you up, then the cup of hot coffee in your hand definitely will.

Ballard | $1,429,000

Presented by Nina Stormo


Sip with caution: These views will sweep you off your feet!

Westlake Village | $1,399,00

Presented by Ginny Gutierrez


This backyard is designed so that all you have to do is kick up your feet and relax. Now, if only you had your very own barista to whip you up your go-to coffee beverage.

San Clemente | $1,195,00

Presented by Elicia Hartanov & Linda Hartanov


Wake up each morning by dipping your feet in the pool and sipping on a big mug of happiness.

Camarillo | $884,000

Presented by Domonique Rodriguez & Julia Otero


All that this charming kitchen is missing is a big pot of coffee and you, to drink it!

San Clemente | $725,000

Presented by Michael Hinderberger


Tastefully remodeled and boasting ocean views from every room, this condo will kick-start your day with or without coffee.

Casa de Oro | $675,000

Presented by Carol Bostwick


Surrounded by green trees and valley views, this home’s deck pairs perfectly with your caffeinated beverage of choice.

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