July 16th, 2021 at 11:00 am

With summer in full swing, we’re all spending more time outside, enjoying longer days and warmer nights. For those nights where the temperatures do drop and you’re not quite ready to head indoors, what better way to keep the festivities going than by hopping in your very own hot tub or spa?

Whether free standing or attached to a swimming pool, a hot tub can be one of the most relaxing ways to end your summer night, or really, any Southern California night.

If you’ve been considering buying a home with a hot tub or adding one to your own backyard, we hope these beautiful homes and their tubs will inspire you to make a move!

Santa Barbara | $20,250,000

Presented by Cristal Clarke

We couldn’t imagine a more serene location to place your hot tub. Surrounded by lush green foliage, this private space is perfect for summer nights.

Montecito | $14,950,000

Presented by Jim Scarborough

This elegant backyard has all the qualities you’d want for the perfect summer. Private location, lounge chairs placed in the sunshine, and a welcoming hot tub.

Rancho Santa Fe | $11,995,000

Presented by Sonja Huter

Endless views paired with an “endless” pool. Sounds like the perfect combo to us! Add in a hot tub, and you’re not going anywhere this summer.

Los Angeles | $8,995,000

Presented by St. James + Canter

Not only does this home boast a beautiful backyard, pool, and spa, but the home itself is a work of art. As one of L.A.’s most iconic properties, this estate is a collaboration of three notable architects: Roland Coate, Reginald Davis Johnson, and Gordon Kaufmann.

Newport Beach | $8,145,000

Presented by Brian Liberto

If you asked us to describe the quintessential Southern California backyard, we would simply show you this photo. Do you agree?

Rancho Santa Fe | $4,995,000

Presented by Tim Van Damm

Every day you descend this staircase to take a dip in your pool or relax in your spa will feel like a scene out of a movie, trust us!

San Diego | $4,950,000

Presented by Cecilia Guerrero de Zavala

As you sit under the cascading waterfall in your hot tub, enjoy the view of water fountains, fire pits, and this elegant estate.

Santa Barbara | $4,425,000

Presented by Patrice Serrani & Nancy Kogevinas

We said we couldn’t imagine a more serene location for a hot tub, but we were wrong! This peaceful nook has everything you need for a very relaxing evening.

Ventura | $3,695,000

Presented by Janet Caminite

Hot tub on a balcony? Why not! We love where this spa is perched, seemingly on the edge of the world, perfect for taking in the sights.

Ojai | $2,730,000

Presented by Gabriela Cesena

Surrounded by a garden, this is one hot tub we can definitely picture ourselves in all summer long.

Solvang | $1,650,000

Presented by Laura Drammer

Plenty of space surrounds this relaxing spa, allowing for the option to sit inside or out while still continuing the conversation.

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  • Kevin Deeb says:

    We are Making to sure to cover your hot tub when done, as insulating it will prevent heat seeping out, conserving energy. We can use your hot tub during the summer more enjoyably by lowering.

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