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Home exterior with arch - 2022 interior design trends

What interior design trends are we loving this year? In 2022, we are excited to see some new trends and some staples making an appearance in Southern California homes.

If you’re ready for a fresh, exciting new look in your home, here are five easy but bold interior design trends we suggest you try out.

We hope these design trends inspire you to bring a curated, personal touch into your most sacred space: your home. Let us know which is your favorite!


Textures have been around for several years, and will continue to be high on the design list for very good reason. If you want add an exceptionally unique feature into any room, texture is the way to go. Your options range from adding textured paint/wallpaper, or faux finishing that mimic installed materials to your walls, layering textiles on, under, or around your furniture pieces, and adding statement pieces that are visually stimulating.

Why are textures trending? They move away from boring, flat finishes, adding dimension and visual interest that can make a statement in any and every room. Plus, with so many options, it is easy to represent your own unique style.

Add textured fabrics, such as bouclé in a neutral, cream, tone or colors such as sage greens or pale blues and yellows. Even when using neutral and pale colors, texture adds a feeling of warmth, so they not only give your space a luxury upgrade, but also create a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests.

Textured pillows and rugs

Textures to try:

Two-tone paint combinations

Ready for bold change and minimal effort? A fresh coat of paint will do just that. Instead of adding the same color to every wall, consider the two-tone trend that is taking over Pinterest. To get started, we suggest noting the colors already found in your home, then grabbing a paint chart to pick a palette that will enhance your current style. You can also take inspiration from decorative items you know you want to add to the room, such as upholstery or art, and select your paint colors with those pieces in mind. However you select your tones, choose two that complement each other, while still adding contrast that is visually appealing.

Two-toned wall painted orange and white with green house plant

Color combinations to try:

Pro tip: Dark colors take up more space visually, so if you choose a darker shade, use it below the eye line and a lighter shade that is close to the wall color above.

Architectural rounded edges

Little by little, sharp angles in homes are becoming a thing of the past. While it may not be realistic to architecturally alter the structure of your home, you can still implement the trend in creative ways.

You can see this pattern repeat throughout the use of rounded edges in upholstery, surfaces, and architectural details such as arched entry ways and spiral staircases. You may also notice that furniture with a certain “smoothness” has become the rage. Harsh edges tend to section off rooms and by adding soft edges you can make your spaces seem larger. Couches and accent chairs without arm rests, round tables, arched mirrors, and circular or asymmetrical rugs can help you pull off this trend.

Living room with 2022 interior design trends - brown couch with round edges and no arm rests

Accents to try:

Colorful Wallpaper

Bold, vibrant wallpaper, whether solid or patterned, can lighten the mood in any room. With the right wallpaper, you can embody the feeling of a vacation, time, place, or memory. Wallpapers that feature landscapes can easily become the visual focal point. We like the idea of adding very simple furniture and small accents if you decide to go this route.

Patterns to try:

Enhanced outdoor spaces

In Southern California, we tend to think of our outdoor spaces as an extension of our interiors. If you have a perfectly curated home, it’s likely you will want to create an outdoor space that matches in style. Features such as awnings or umbrellas can make or break your space. Consider textures, color schemes, and functionality in order to create an inviting space that is enjoyable to be in. Your patio, backyard, or rooftop should offer options such as stylish, durable outdoor sofas, tables, layered rugs, chairs, and, yes, accent décor. If you have the space and extra wiggle room in your budget, adding an outdoor fireplace and/or a TV will seal the deal and make your indoor and outdoor space blend seamlessly.

Outdoor patio with dining table in foreground an couches in background

Additions to your outdoor space:

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