October 22nd, 2021 at 11:00 am

Exterior of home with great curb appeal, landscaping, and windows.

Great curb appeal is something that all homeowners should strive for, regardless if a potential home sale is on the horizon.

Luckily, there are many ways to keep your curb appeal in tip-top shape, from well-manicured landscaping to regular maintenance. A home’s exterior view is the first impression given to a visitor, neighbor, or potential buyer, making it one of the most important qualities to keep in mind.

Let’s check out six homes currently for sale in Southern California that have perfected the art of curb appeal.

$5,945,000 | La Jolla

Presented by Gina Frager Hixson

Beautiful La Jolla home with white paid and large, red-orange brick driveway

If you’re wanting to include a bright color in your home’s curb appeal, use this La Jolla home’s brick driveway as an example. The vibrant red-orange offers a great contrast to the modern white color of the home, as well as the lush green nature.

$5,625,000 | Pacific Palisades

Presented by Ellen McCormick

Beautiful white home with brown trim at twilight with well-manicured lawns and foliage

When a home is surrounded by stunning views and nature, it’s easy to tie that into a home’s curb appeal. The lush lawn and green hedges partner well with the surrounding trees, creating a great contrast to the simple color and trim of the home itself.

$3,595,000 | Laguna Beach

Presented by Shauna Covington

Large white home in Laguna Beach with  expansive windows

One of the best things about a fresh coat of paint is that it creates a fresh start, almost creating a whole new home. This Laguna Beach getaway’s large windows also add to the curb appeal, thanks to its inviting, well-lit interiors.

$2,695,000 | San Diego

Presented by Lee Shaprut

Green home with red clay roof and well manicured front yard

When it comes to landscaping choices, picking contrasting pieces is key. This San Diego home’s front yard is comprised of different shades of green and yellow, well lit by the home’s exterior lighting.

$1,149,000 | Altadena


Pale blue one story home with white trim and great curb appeal, lush green landscaping

Aside from a fresh coat of paint being a great and appealing factor for potential homebuyers, it is all about the color of the paint and how it will pair with its surroundings. This Altadena home’s pale blue color and bright white trim creates a welcoming environment for both visitors and homeowners alike.

$9,800,000 | Del Mar

Presented by Csilla Crouch

Well-lit exterior of home in Del Mar at dusk.

While it might be hard to believe, we are already experiencing earlier sunsets as we get further into fall. This Del Mar home’s addition of exterior lighting adds to their curb appeal, making the home inviting even after the sun has gone down.

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