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What better way to wash away the worries and stresses of a hectic day than with an at-home spa experience? Not only do spa-like bathrooms make for a peaceful space in your home, but the best part is, you have 24/7 access to your own spa! 

Already day-dreaming about soaking in a tub with bubbles while reading a book under the dim lights? Whether you want to remodel your entire bathroom space into a complete at-home spa, or just add a few simple touches like candles and a potted plant, these 8 luxurious spa-like bathrooms are sure to give you some great inspiration and design ideas.

When you’re searching for a home that exudes luxury and relaxation, a serene and spa-like bathroom may be at the top of your priority list. These 8 homes will inspire you to create a bathroom oasis of your own.

Coronado | $6,995,000

Presented by The Clements Group


This listing features one of the most exquisite and luxurious homes on the market in Coronado. With this masterpiece of a home, a high-end bathroom to match is not up for negotiation.

Take away ideas: The dark wood cabinets and molding paired with chandelier lighting fixtures create a warm and inviting space. This double head walk-in shower is a great addition to any master bathroom and could even be the focal point of your spa if you prefer a shower over a tub.

San Juan Capistrano | $6,496,000

Presented by Carol McLaughlin


This contemporary mansion features dual master bathrooms with infinite possibilities to create your perfect bathroom sanctuary. With stunning panoramic views, you will truly feel like you are in your own day spa oasis.

Take away ideas: If you prefer a fresh, clean color palette and a beachside feel, white cabinets and walls look stunning when accented with a statement color, or by adding mosaic tile. Adding a potted plant or two enhances the natural feel of the space, and can also easily be changed with the seasons to continually modernize your space. Lastly, this bathroom takes advantage of natural lighting which undoubtedly enhances relaxation and serenity, especially if you have a view!

Beverly Hills | $5,250,000

Presented by Irene Tsu


The master bath in this sophisticated home is sculpted from Onyx stone. In therapeutic and meditation practices, Onyx is commonly used to help clear your mind. Whether or not you’re a believer in the healing property of crystals, there is no doubt that this luxury bathroom would be perfect to decompress in.

Take away ideas: Earthy tones can provide the perfect essence of a relaxing space. Not only can a material like Onyx stone provide therapeutic properties to your bathroom, but it also serves as a unique focal point to the space with minimal additions needed.

Rancho Santa Fe | $4,695,000

Presented by Wendy Tait and Gayle Lane


This completely remodeled Rancho Santa Fe home includes a master suite with all of the makings of a luxury spa bathroom. From the oversized bathtub and large walk-in shower to the marble accents, this bathroom is made for pampering.

Take away ideas: The spacious feel of this bathroom adds to the luxurious spa feel. Making the key features such as the sink, tub, and shower large also reinforces the luxury of the space. Combining different lighting sources and fixtures also allows the opportunity to adjust lighting depending on mood and time of day. Lastly, adding an accent tile such as the marble tile used above adds an exceptionally opulent touch.

Corona del Mar | $4,500,000

Presented by Michael Hinderberger


This Cape-Cod style home features a lavish master suite complete with water views and a spacious bathroom. What more could you ask for in your dream home master bath?

Take away ideas: Frosted glass windows are a great way to bring in natural light without sacrificing privacy. Adding open shelves with under cabinet lighting makes a perfect space for decor elements and also adds warmth to the room.

Encino | $1,935,000

Presented by David Krygier


From the spacious layout to the clean white palette with wood accents, this master bathroom will instantly make you feel like you’ve transported to your very own luxury day spa. Contact one of our agents for more information about Encino real estate.

Take away ideas: If simplicity is your style, this is the perfect inspiration spa for you. Opting for symmetry and crisp white marble and floor tile creates minimal distractions in your sanctuary space. Adding a large mirror spanning the width of the double sinks causes the room to feel more spacious, and the wood accent on the freestanding tub adds the perfect touch of modern without being too extravagant for your simple, serene style.

Santa Barbara | $1,695,000

Presented by Lorie F. Bartron


If the thought of having a personal steam room in your master bath suite sounds like a dream come true, this special Santa Barbara home may be the one for you!

Take away ideas: Making a space uniquely yours will make every day feel like a vacation. These designer cabinets add a touch of color and have a destination resort feel. The large soaking tub is the perfect final touch for a relaxing time- day or night.

San Diego | $939,000

Presented by Valerie Bubnash


This spacious master bathroom with a free-standing claw-foot tub is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Take away ideas: A freestanding soaking tub is a stunning feature if you’re looking for an elegant feel. White towels also help to accentuate elegance and create a classic feel within a quaint and cozy space.

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