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When it comes to minimalist design style, we love everything from the soothing color palettes to the open spaces. However, there is a fine line between a cold, bare room and one that feels warm and inviting when it comes to minimalist décor.

To fully understand how you can create the perfect combination of modern and cozy-chic in your home, check out our guide to minimalist décor below.

Clear out clutter and start fresh

This may be a tough ask for some of us, but getting rid of excess items we don’t want or need is an essential first step. Stay mindful when it comes to parting with kitchenware, clothing, or any items that may be taking up space. For example, if you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s time to let go of that piece; if it’s been sitting in a cupboard or closet gathering dust ever since you bought it, consider whether you really need it; if it was gifted to you and you’re simply holding on out of the goodness of your heart, we give you permission to move on.

Saying goodbye to excess belongings is not only satisfying, it can bring peace and creativity back into your home, giving the feeling of a fresh start and brand new space.

Select furniture that serves more than one purpose

Furniture that offers multi-purpose include pieces that have hidden storage, which is a key to building a minimalist room. This type of thinking will help hide any necessities you kept when you sorted through your belongings, such as throw blankets in your living room. Though you want the storage to be useful, still keep in mind how bulky the pieces are, as that may detract from your minimalist approach. Ottomans with lidded storage, end tables with shelves or hidden drawers, and mirrors that serve as jewelry or makeup storage are just a few great ideas to consider.

The big picture? You want to have negative, unused spaces in each room to make a room seems less overwhelming, no matter how big or small.

Play with the lighting

Create various moods with your lighting, even if it’s not natural. If you do happen to have plenty of windows, keep drapery airy and simple, such as solid colors in neutral palettes. Pull your curtains whenever the opportunity arises and don’t rely on overhead fixtures. Instead, opt for table or stand-alone lamps as accent pieces that will act as a minimalistic statement piece that is also functional.

Create focal points

One of the most important tips to remember when it comes to a minimalist décor is to create visual balance. This can be achieved by having a focal point in any room. To begin, empty out your space and focus solely on one or two pieces of furniture that really set the tone and mood. Add complementary pieces that will not distract from your focal points and keep plenty of empty spaces. Build focus on a few simple things, whether they be functional, artsy, or both, and not a ton of different items that will make the space feel overwhelming.

Feature clean lines and flat surfaces

Take into consideration that clean lines and flat surfaces are preferred when it comes to minimalist design because they are soothing to the eye. It makes any room, especially the kitchen, more polished and seamless. Avoid any décor that disturbs your flat surfaces.

Ready to use our guide to minimalist décor in your own home?

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