August 9th, 2021 at 11:00 am

living room with home design inspired by nature

Having a touch of nature in your home can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Whether your goals are eco-oriented, health-conscious, or simply aesthetic, we love seeing indoor spaces gracefully blend with nature.

Keep reading to see some Southern California homes currently for sale that have brought the outdoors inside, through home design inspired by nature.

$5,275,000 | Pacific Palisades

Presented by Dan Nessel

sitting room with large windows showcasing outdoors

The way that these crisp, white walls pair with the rustic wooden beams makes for the perfect match. With the addition of the impressive view of lush, green trees and majestic mountains, this room ties it all together perfectly.

$3,150,000 | Encinitas

Presented by Benjamin Reed

living room with walls of glass showcasing plants and nature outside

This living area does such a great job of bringing the nature inside that, unless you look very closely, you would have no idea that the outside is disconnected by windows.

$2,495,000 | Santa Ynez

Presented by Randy Freed

library and grand piano with striking wooden carved bookcases

In case an entire home library wasn’t impressive enough, the magnificent utilization of wood and intricate detailing sure is.

$2,299,000 | Newport Beach

Presented by Susan Sinclair, MBA

bright, large living room with high ceiling and lots of windows.

While the view out of these windows is incredible on its own, the wall of windows allows you to feel like you’re outside, soaking in some California sun, from the comfort of the living room. Plus, any plants you do bring inside will have plenty of sunlight to soak up.

$1,439,000 | Los Angeles

Presented by Warren Selko

dining room with earth tones and indoor plants

The simple addition of a few plants to a white room accented with earth tones can create an overall natural aesthetic. Try a smaller tree in the corner of your room paired with some air plants or potted arrangements, as seen in this home.

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