March 13th, 2019 at 2:30 pm


For some people, a solid morning routine is key to having a successful day. Part of what makes a morning routine so great is having enough space in your bathroom to make sure you are refreshed and feeling confident before you walk out the front door.

Anyone who has ever shared a bathroom knows that the less space there is, the harder it is to accomplish your goals (like hair curling, face shaving, teeth brushing, etc).

If you’re in need of a little more space for your morning routine, here are 11 master bathrooms that are spacious and well-equipped to handle a busy morning or evening for two.

Hidden Hills | $15,995,000

Presented by Marc Shevin & Sara Shevin


This gorgeous master bathroom has tons of natural light and two separate vanities, divided by a pristine bathtub.

San Clemente | $8,900,000

Presented by Scott Kidd|Associates| 


Elegant and spacious, this master bathroom seems fit for a royal couple, but will accept non-royals as well.

Solana Beach | $4,195,000

Presented by Jennifer Friend


With an ocean view like this, you might be easily distracted while getting ready in the morning. You might want to include “sipping coffee with an ocean view” to your morning routine.

Escondido | $2,625,000

Presented by Cindy Waasdorp


Need more space to spread out? These spacious counters have tons of room for everything you need to get ready for the day or before you go to sleep.

Laguna Niguel | $2,294,000

Presented by Giulietta Fox Wilson & John Wilson III


Between the ample storage, the dual vanities, and the large walk-in shower, you may never need (or want) to leave your bathroom!

Dana Point | $1,795,000

Presented by Scott Kidd|Associates| 


We’re loving the contrast of dark cabinets and the bright white bathtub in this master bathroom built for two.

Costa Mesa | $1,399,999

Presented by Colleen Swinney & Carter Weir


The grey cabinets and countertops are the perfect complements to the white tiled wall in this bathroom. And, with all this space, there’s enough room to host a spa night with friends or your family!

San Diego | $1,195,000

Presented by Amanda Henry


The large mirrors and spacious counters, plus several windows, make this master bathroom feel big enough for more than just two, but luckily you don’t have to share!

Escondido | $1,139,900

Presented by Tom Lux


The large bathtub splits up this bathroom, giving each person their own space to spread out and take care of business.

Santa Barbara | $1,125,000

Presented by Kat Hitchcock


Light and bright and spacious is just the way we like our bathrooms, and this one has it all.

Escondido | $1,050,000

Presented by Dick and Kathy Daniels


We love how much storage is in this bathroom, meaning your countertops never have to be cluttered with makeup, toothpaste, and shaving creams.

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