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Boost your homes curb appeal

You’ve probably heard the term “curb appeal” hundreds of times. But did you know that increased landscaping and curb appeal can mean selling your home 10 to 15 times faster, according to RIS Media?

Boosting your curbside appeal may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of time and money. There are endless home-improvement projects that are quick, easy, and sure to increase your home’s value and curb appeal.

Here are some projects and ideas to get you started:

Fix up your front door

Your front door is one of the first things prospective buyers see when they look at your home. If your door looks to be in bad shape, buyers will assume the inside of your home is too. Make your home feel more inviting by cleaning, painting and replacing the hardware on your door. Choose a color that coordinates with the personality and style of your home.

If you want to spend a little more money, replace the entire door with an energy-efficient model. You’ll be able to tell buyers that it can save them 10 percent on energy bills, and the average return on resale is 102 percent, RIS Media notes.

Add more lighting

Your home should not only look inviting during the day, but at night as well.

Spotlights add visual interest by highlighting the best features of your home and yard. Set up a few spotlights under your favorite trees, on the water fountain, or pointed at your address plaque. If you have a long walkway leading up to your front door, try lining it with solar-powered lights.

A well-lighted home also is great for safety reasons. Install motion-sensor lights on your porch, and in front of all other entrances, to deter intruders.

If you already have a well-lighted home, be sure to wipe down light fixtures so they shine brighter and don’t look dusty.

Trim your trees

Much like the front door, a wildly overgrown exterior does not allude to a clean and orderly interior. Plus, having neatly trimmed trees and bushes can make your home look 10 years younger, and will prevent damage to your plants and home.

Clear your pathways

Make sure you keep your walkways and driveway clear of debris and dirt. If you have oil stains on your driveway, Brightnest has an easy DIY-oil stain removal tip using cat litter and laundry detergent.

For a deeper clean, consider power-washing your driveway, walkways, porch and home exterior. The average cost is about $236 and the average return on resale is 100 percent, RIS Media says.

Camouflage the eyesores

Trash bins and air conditioning units, though necessary, are not fun to look at. Plant shrubs or put a small fence around the air conditioning unit. Buy or build a “shed” for your trash bins. If you have ugly electrical boxes and wiring on the sides of your house, paint them so they match your home’s exterior paint.

Plant flowers

Add character and charm to your home by planting flowers and green plants. Pay attention to what types of plants are best for your climate and easiest to take care of. Drought-resistant plants are becoming more popular in California, so you might want to consider using them in your landscaping. Window boxes also are a great way to brighten your exterior, just be sure to take care of them. They will make your windows seem larger and be visible from indoors as well.

Upgrade your address plaque

Larger address numbers are trending, and they also add benefits. Your home will be easily identified by new visitors and, more importantly, emergency services. Make sure they are lighted when you update them. If you need an idea to get started, we found a DIY address wall planter on Pinterest.

Do you have any more ideas for boosting curb appeal? Share in the comments below!

Sources: RIS Media, Brightnest, and Listotic.

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