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San Clemente is a town full of history and character with a close-knit community.

Though many Southern California communities are known for their celebrity residents, San Clemente is known for its coveted location and proximity to the coast and T Street, the “T” being short for Trafalgar. Surfers, boogie boarders, and beach lovers would all agree that this is the place to be.

“Any surfer worth his gill slits knows T street, and the thought of living so close would be, well, gnarly,” said Jerry Derloshon of our Laguna Beach office.


Jerry and Debbie Derloshon are representing a new listing in the San Clemente community at 137 W. Avenida Santiago, which is on the market for $1.68 million.

The neighborhood vibe is right out of an old Surfer Magazine where the streets are populated with Volkswagon Vanagons and Type 2 Busses, woodies, Chevy Nomads, and Bugs. When the surf isn’t happening or after the sun has set, these same neighborhoods come alive with dog walkers and folks out for a stroll, neighbor greeting neighbor. You’ll get used to hearing the word “swell” a lot in conversations.


“Any surfer worth his gill slits knows T street, and the thought of living so close would be, well, gnarly.”

Along with Trestles and Cotton’s Point, T Street is a mecca for surfers and San Clemente’s dedicated beach-going population. Locals know the neighborhoods along the coast side of El Camino Real, between the pier and San Clemente State Park, are a haven for those who crave the surf, sun, and sand.

137 W. Avenida Santiago is on the corner of S. Ole Vista and Santiago and close to it all: T Street, the shops, and restaurants on Del Mar, the pier. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is a 2,800-square-foot home that epitomizes the coastal San Clemente lifestyle.


Sandy and salty after a day catching waves? No problem. A full shower is accessed from the rear yard. Go for it.

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