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Father’s Day is this Sunday, which means many of us will connect with Dad only by phone or email or a video call. But several of our hardworking agents will be spending the day with fathers who are also their real estate partners, mentors, and inspiration.

We talked to our agents who feel fortunate to be in the position of working with their father on an almost-daily basis, which not only benefits their familial bond, but also shows clients they have a caring team on their side. Here are their thoughts:

Chase Ora and Randy Ora


Like other father/son teams, Chase credits Randy for kick-starting his desire to work in real estate. They are both affiliated with our Laguna Niguel office and specialize in South Orange County.

Chase on his dad’s expertise

“Dad always was an agent and I wanted to get into the field myself because I always enjoyed working with people and building relationships,” said Chase, a licensed agent since 2005.

“He’s been successful from the day he got into the business, so I knew he would be a good mentor for me. Knowing how successful he is, it was just a no-brainer.

“His expertise is in marketing and negotiating the transaction. There are so many moving parts, and I learned from him by experiencing transactions, coming up with solutions, and navigating problems. He’s just been the best mentor I could ever ask for.”

Chase on working with family

“Other than just a business mentor, it’s nice working with my dad, who I can truly call one of my best friends–not only a business mentor but a life coach as well. It’s good to learn from the best of the best and hopefully carry on the tradition and the name. My wife Ashleigh just joined the team so she will experience it too.”

What does Chase’s Father’s Day look like?

“I’m sure I’ll be working some of the days, but I will try to spend part of it with the family, which is the most important place to be. We all live in Laguna Niguel, where I was born and raised. Dad really taught me that one of the core values is family values. If we can implement those in our daily lives, it naturally helps other families achieve their goals.”

Patrick Cairncross and Steven Cairncross


It would be an understatement to say Patrick and Steven have real estate in their blood. Both grew up in San Diego real estate families, and now have their own team with other family members in our La Jolla Prospect office.

Patrick on his dad’s expertise

“He’s the kind of guy who gets to work early every day,” said Patrick, a California-licensed agent for two years who returned to his native La Jolla to work with his dad after gaining experience as an agent in New York City. “He’s the first one in the office and the last one out. In an industry where seemingly anybody can get their real estate license, he is constantly proving to us that the key to serving our clients is consistency and hard work.

“My dad inspires me to pace myself and establish routines with activities that constantly sharpen my skills and broaden my knowledge base as a real estate agent.”

Patrick on working with family

“My sister, Caitlin, and I are now third-generation, full-time San Diego real estate agents. Our grandparents have been in the business in San Diego since 1961 and still have their own brokerage. Our dad started working at his parents’ brokerage in 1984 and was with them for 16 years. He then moved to a national brokerage for 17 years until transitioning to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties just over two months ago. He really has only made two company moves in his career, which again speaks to his consistency.

“We work very closely together on deals and on his listings we partner on many of our efforts. On my listings, I consult with him pretty much every step of the way, which is great for my clients. We use each other as sounding boards. It’s helpful to have a big discussion before delivering an opinion to a client.”

Patrick on affiliating with our brokerage

“The company has been great. For us, it’s about the people, and we really, really like the people at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties. They’ve been so accommodating. Our transition has been relatively seamless because Berkshire is so concerned with our ability to serve our clients uninterrupted. It’s been great.”

What does Patrick’s Father’s Day look like?

“I’ve got a good feeling my dad and I are going to go surfing at Windansea in the morning, get home in time to have brunch with the family, and see what happens from there.”

Do you work with your father? Share your story in the comments!

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