June 9th, 2015 at 10:00 am


Living in Southern California has many wonderful perks. We enjoy beautiful weather pretty much year-round, many of us can get to the beach in 30 minutes or less, and we get to live in some of the most coveted cities in the nation. However, Southern Californians have been suffering recently from a huge problem: drought.

Saving water is no accident and for many people it can be a challenge. On June 1, statewide mandated restrictions on water usage directed by Gov. Jerry Brown began to take effect. He is calling for improved policies and increased actions toward saving water, increased enforcement to prevent wasteful water usage, and investment in new technologies that will make California more drought-resilient. The executive order aims to reduce urban water waste by 25 percent.

Because the drought is so serious, all Californians need to take action to preserve water and reduce water waste. We took a look at some of the rules, regulations, and tips to make it easier for you to understand the law and save water more easily.

Why do we have drought restrictions?

What are some ways to save water?

Turn these simple actions into habits to make your home more water-efficient.

How do drought restrictions affect me?

What else is this mandate going to accomplish?

Conserving water is no small task, which is why everyone needs to do their part. Be sure to share these tips and new restrictions with your friends and neighbors, as well as any tips of your own.

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Sources and more information from Save Our Water and San Diego County Water Authority.

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