July 28th, 2016 at 11:00 am

garage organization

In Part 1, we discussed how to get your garage in shape before you outfit it with all the storage and work spaces you’ve been longing for. Here’s what to do next:

The floor

After you’ve taken care of patching and painting the walls and ceiling, this is the best time to do something about that ugly garage floor. Giving it an epoxy coating is one of the most popular ways to revive an old, cracked concrete floor. In addition, the smooth surface will be much easier to sweep and keep clean. Two-part epoxy coating kits including cleaning mixtures are available in a variety of brands and colors at most hardware stores.

Follow these steps:

Storage spaces

Now that the floor looks fabulous, think about how you want to store all that stuff you moved out of the garage and separated into piles. Shelves, cabinets, tool chests, pegboards, and workbenches are among the most common storage solutions. Whether you install them yourself or have it done professionally, get your stuff organized well before it goes back inside the garage. Here are a few things to consider:

Once everything is installed, make it a priority to sweep out the garage and clean all exposed surfaces several times a month so everything stays nice and tidy for a long time. After all, you want to feel right at home in your garage, even if you don’t live in it!

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