August 15th, 2014 at 12:00 pm

When creating a centerpiece for your home dining room sticking with traditional classics like flowers and fruit is a safe bet. However, a centerpiece can also represent your design tastes, personality and creativity. Look beyond your garden and find inspiration in your own style, interior design and other elements of nature.

Start by examining your room. Is there a certain design theme (nautical, safari, modern, rustic, etc.)? Look for ways to incorporate your current theme into your centerpiece. Take for example the Nantucket dining room featured on The designer further incorporated beach style into the centerpiece by using rope knots.

Beach Style Dining Room by Nantucket Interior Designers & Decorators Christopher’s Home Furnishings of Nantucket, Inc.

Unique centerpieces can also showcase or add a pop of color. If you’d like to enhance certain colors already featured in the room, create a centerpiece in those same colors. If your room is more neutral toned, add a bright color to your table.

Bring the outdoors, indoor by using the elements. Wood, stones, sand and even water can all be used in ways that create a dramatic effect in your dining room. The coloring and textures found in nature may be just what you need to liven up your room.

Another trend to try is the use of metallic tones. Try pairing with an earthy element such as a wood table. The contrast in materials will make for an eye-catching statement. Metallic colors also look great when used with contrasting colors. Once you’ve decided on a color, check out the color wheel to find your perfect accent.

For more inspiration on nontraditional centerpieces, read this article from


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