January 1st, 2015 at 2:00 pm

San Diego microbrews

With its year-round sunshine, unique water profile and influx of immigrants bringing their unique spin on the world’s favorite alcoholic beverage, it’s no wonder that San Diego is the microbrew capital of the world. Anyone who is anyone comes to San Diego to develop their brewing, and some of the most successful microbrews have launched from just about every location and corner of America’s Finest City.

One of the newest locations with a unique take on the art of the microbrewery is Groundswell Brewing Company in San Diego’s Mission Valley. This location is ideally suited for their operations, as it is conveniently situated in the center of the county, is close to many residential areas and San Diego State University, and near the nexus of the area’s freeway system. That’s not what sets it apart, however.

Unlike many other of the microbrewers in town, Groundswell takes a simple, direct approach to its brews. The company’s philosophy toward beer is that it doesn’t need to be unpalatable to be quality, and that complexity doesn’t necessarily mean overpowering. Even the names of its beers are simple and unpretentious, reflecting that there’s more to a good brew than a cute picture and snappy name.

However, unpretentious doesn’t mean boring. Groundswell’s well-balanced and adventurous beers are designed to be paired with any number of tasty treats and fine foods. In fact, the Groundswell site is often frequented by San Diego’s most renowned food trucks, and virtually every day a new taste avails itself on four wheels and a hot grill in the parking lot.

Even the tasting room is designed specifically to accommodate an easygoing and low-key approach to the drinking experience. Bedecked with comfy couches and elegant stools, the brewery wants people to feel as at home in its place as customers would in theirs. For too long, the notion of the local brewery/pub has fallen out of favor in American drinking culture, but places like Groundswell are fighting the good fight to bring it back, one glass of delicious beer at a time.

Whether you want to discover a light blonde or enjoy a festive Ginger Saison, check out the taps at Groundswell Brewing Company in the Grantville area of Mission Valley. And just know that when you do, every glass of beer you purchase buys a glass of clean water thanks to the Groundswell Water Initiative, a commitment to support organizations that provide drinkable water throughout the world.

So stop by and have a drink – in Mission Valley or elsewhere in San Diego. As Groundswell puts it: Beer is beer. Drink it here. Drink it there. Drink it anywhere (with apologies to Dr. Seuss).


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