October 10th, 2017 at 12:00 pm


It’s the spookiest time of the year: Homes and offices are decked out in fake cobwebs, plastic critters somehow end up everywhere you look, and you might run into a monster or two at the shopping mall.

But that’s not the only reason October is a spooky time of year. Many of you might be wondering what the end of “selling season” means for you as a homebuyer or seller.

The idea that there is the “perfect” time to buy or sell a home is just a myth. In fact, there are many reasons why buying or selling a home during the holiday season can be beneficial, no matter which side of the sale you’re on.

You might no longer be spooked about your real estate prospects this October, but you still have a monstrous task ahead of you.

Lucky for you, there are hundreds of qualified real estate professionals in your community just waiting to help you through any scary situations that might arise during the process.

Below, we’ve unmasked some real estate horror stories that, although rare, will leave you shaking in your boots.

Pre-approval ≠ full approval

Your bank has you pre-approved for a home loan? Great! Just remember that a pre-approval doesn’t mean full approval. After the home you want to buy is appraised, your lender could cancel the loan if it determines the residence isn’t worth what you’re paying for it. Agents have seen lenders pull out the day before closing because they weren’t happy with the appraisal. So make sure you’ve satisfied all lender conditions and find out when it will have the appraisal conducted.

Uninvited ghosts

Not every state requires sellers to disclose that their home is believed to be haunted–although a positive disclosure might be attractive to a certain type of buyer. If you’re curious, Google the home or just ask! If you’re selling a home that you suspect is graced by the supernatural, talk to your agent and do some research to see if you are required to disclose that information.

Deathly deeds?

California law only requires disclosure of any death on a property within the past three years, but sometimes a home’s history has a way of making its way into the news. If you’re curious to know if anyone ever died in a home you’re thinking of buying–or the home you live in now, visit, a site that will dig up the dirt on any decedent in your dwelling.  For $11.99 per search (bulk discounts available), you’ll get a report on natural or accidental deaths, suicides, or murders at a specific address. For good measure, the report throws in any meth lab activity or fire-related incidents. Then you can rest easy–or not.


Monstrous neighbors

Are you worried about marching up to a home they’re not invited to? Or, maybe you’re worried about buying bags of candy only to not get any trick-or-treaters. Register your home on Nextdoor’s Halloween Treat Map, then visit the homes marked by a candy corn in your neighborhood for a safer Halloween experience. While you wait to pass out candy or as you’re following your little monsters from door to door, you can also search for our active listings on the app. It’s a win-win!

Where to get really spooked in Southern California

There’s no lack of haunted homes, cemeteries, buildings, and other sites in Southern California, like this home with a notorious past sold by The Sanborn Team. Some are open for tours, others are barely kept secrets. This site gives directions to quite a few of them, along with a bit of history, and comments from visitors. Note the cluster of homes and theaters in the Hollywood and West Hollywood areas. Could it be the ghosts of celebrities past whose egos just weren’t ready to bow out yet?

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