August 13th, 2021 at 11:00 am

Example of wine storage: Wine bottles on open shelving

Did you know? California wineries make 81% of all wines from the United States, according to California Wines. Considering that impressive statistic, it’s no wonder why so many Southern California homes feature elegant options for wine storage and tasting, ranging from wine cellars, bottle displays, and large-scale entertainment.

Homes for sale with impressive wine storage options

Read on to see some beautiful Southern California homes who have incorporated wine storage into their home’s design.

$14,900,000 | La Jolla

Presented By Maxine and Marti Gellens

Unique, sculptural shelves holding wine bottles stacked on their sides

With a fresh take on the concept of a wine cellar, this room brings the art of décor and wine together in a fun, modern way.

$9,500,000 | Solvang

Presented By Laura Drammer

Hallway in a subterranean Kiva wine cave featuring artwork and wine bottles

Every wine connoisseur’s dream: a 2,124-square-foot subterranean “Kiva wine cave” with a 1,000 bottle capacity.

$6,980,000 | La Jolla

Presented By Maxine and Marti Gellens

Wine storage with space for 2,200 bottles in light wooden shelves

If you’re thinking this wine cellar seems to go on and on, you’d be correct. This wine cellar, found in La Jolla, holds 2,200 bottles of the finest wines.

$5,775,000 | Calabasas

Presented By Jane Cudworth

Wine tasting table in circular room where walls are filled with wine bottles

Are you interested in floor-to-ceiling wines surrounding you as you enjoy a fine bottle of wine? If your answer is yes, this Calabasas home is perfect for you.

$2,688,000 | Monrovia

Presented by Craig Delahooke

Large gallery with windows and high ceilings featuring tables, a stage, and wine tasting areas

This spacious gallery has been used for 50+ wine-centric events and located just a few doors away is the home’s wine storage cellar.

Still searching to find a home with enough wine storage for your needs? Search every home for sale in Southern California right now.

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