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Green is a color that represents new growth in nature, is the color worn on St. Patrick’s day, and it corresponds with life’s riches.

When you incorporate the color green in your home, it will encourage you to honor your unique talents and manifest them in the material world, even if it’s only a green side table or your front door. So, even if you think green is only used for warding off pinches on St. Patrick’s Day, it really has a much bigger role in your home and happiness! 

Here are 10 homes with added luck, life, and prosperity, thanks to their green accents.

Santa Monica | $3,295,000

Presented by Emil Alexander Schneeman


A bold, green front door indicates that you’re serene and peaceful, but not too bland. We love this hunter green door; next to the brick exterior and green landscape it really welcomes you in.

West Hollywood | $1,325,000

Presented by Lauren Ravitz


If you’re not ready to dedicate your front door, a whole wall, or even a piece of furniture to the color green yet, a throw blanket or pillow is the perfect way to bring serenity and prosperity into your home until you decide to fully commit.

Carlsbad | $1,299,00

Presented by Links to Coast Realty Group


If you know you want to add more green to the exterior of your home, but your front door is way too perfect as is to paint, a green exterior might be the route you choose! Like this house, you can use green accent paint to achieve that peaceful vibe.

Aliso Viejo | $1,225,000

Presented by Jaime Morrell


This home, though neutral-looking at first glance, actually has a pop of color when you take a closer look at the green garage and front doors. Choosing a neutral green color is a great way to subtly add some vibrancy to your exterior.

Escondido | $1,199,000

Presented by Tom Lux


Ready to experiment with the color green, but not sure where to start? A bathroom, especially a half bath, is an easy way to test out colors, patterns, and your overall satisfaction with the color choice. That way, if you decide green isn’t for you, it’s easy to paint over it with a different color.

Santa Barbara | $1,125,000

Presented by Hitchcock & Associates


Here is another great example of adding green pillows and throw blankets to a neutral space to add some vibrancy. Take it to the next step by incorporating some indoor plants and you’ve quickly and inexpensively transformed the room!

Escondido | $857,500

Presented by Amy Kroepel


Another great option, if you’re thinking of experimenting with green in your home, is painting one large or small accent wall in any room. It adds character without the commitment and hassle of painting an entire room.

Ventura | $829,000

Presented by Karen Musser


If you’re really committed to changing up your decor, adding green tiles in the shower or even your kitchen is a unique and fun way to show off your personality. We love the added touch of the green drawer knobs that tie the entire look together.

San Diego | $814,900

Presented by Kevin Hall


The fun thing about kids’ bedrooms is that they love wild colors! So, if you know that electric green won’t fly anywhere else in your house, you can always live vicariously through your children.

Escondido | $659,500

Presented by Barbara Hunt


A mint or sage green in the master bathroom creates a soothing atmosphere, perfect for early mornings or relaxing evenings in the bathtub.

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