January 22nd, 2021 at 11:00 am


One of the best things about owning a home is getting to make it all your own. Before you even begin decorating it to match your style, there is always an opportunity to update and upgrade the actual features of your home.

Consider window styles and treatments, cabinetry and countertops, door frames and door knobs, and so much more. But today, we’re turning our attention to the floors, more specifically, wood flooring!

Whether your style trends towards modern or traditional, one of the best reasons to add wood flooring to your home is that it goes with pretty much any style.

In addition to its versatility, wood flooring has the added benefits of:

Below, we’re sharing six homes for sale in Southern California that feature beautiful wood flooring.

Agoura Hills | $5,995,000

Presented by Cindy Goldstein & Marc Shevin


Despite the high ceilings, white walls, and natural light, this room exudes warmth thanks to the beautiful wood flooring Plus, it is crowned by beautiful wood beams that only add to its charm.

San Diego | $2,750,000

Presented by Jeannie & Kelly Gleeson


With this striking white and grey waterfall-style kitchen island, this kitchen needs a floor that complements the design, rather than compete with it. This dark but neutral wood floor pairs perfectly!

La Mesa | $1,895,000

Presented by Joel Blumenfeld


The fireplace in this bedroom already adds tons of character and warmth and the dark wood floors just take it to another level of coziness. Now, all this room needs is a large plush rug to finish off the look.

San Diego | $1,595,000

Presented by Team Cairncross


Wood floors come in a variety of colors, meaning you can always find the perfect look to match the style of your home. This modern, bright living room is polished off by these gleaming multi-colored wood floors.

Valley Village | $999,999

Presented by Sami Tarrab & Michael Metzger


Dark floors pair beautifully with this all-white interior, giving the room a modern look and visually appealing contrast.

El Cajon | $889,000

Presented by Trevor Mitchell


This traditional-style home welcomes you in with its beautiful auburn wood floors. And if you have kids, these floors are perfect for families with little ones or are prone to spill or bring the outdoors back home with them!

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