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You don’t have to travel to Greece, Spain, or Morocco to admire a Mediterranean home. Southern California boasts plenty of old, new, grand, and humble residences in the popular architectural style, from seaside villas to suburban tract homes.

There’s no single description for “Mediterranean” houses. It’s really a catch-all term for styles that include Mediterranean Revival, Spanish Revival/Spanish Colonial Revival and, since these homes often combine many styles, Spanish Eclectic.

What they look like

You probably know a Mediterranean-style home when you see one. Although their architectural elements vary depending on size and age, here are some key common characteristics:

What they’re like inside

Warm, earthy, and rich textures are the foundation of many Mediterranean-style homes. Wrought iron, colorful patterned tile, spiral staircases, rustic wood beams, and bright textiles are often found in Mediterranean interior design.

Popular on both southern coasts

The heyday for Mediterranean-inspired homes in the United States was in the early part of the 20th century, embraced on the southern coasts where climates mimic that of the Mediterranean. They peaked in popularity during the 1920s and ‘30s, drawing heavily on the style of seaside villas, and the rapidly expanding coastal resorts of California and Florida.

Scores of newer homes throughout Southern California have been built in the Mediterranean style, and it’s not too difficult to find one to purchase. Some even carry Mills Act historic designation, which can result in property-tax breaks for owners.

Legendary Mediterranean properties you can visit

A number of grand Mediterranean-style homes and buildings still exist in our region. Some are open to the public, others have been subdivided and are used as movie locations as well as for charity events. Here are a few:

Want to live in your own Mediterranean-style home? An experienced real estate professional can help you find one, without having to travel overseas!

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