March 6th, 2015 at 9:00 am

Gormet convenience food

Ordering a healthy gourmet meal online and having it delivered right to your door is a service that several Southern California companies provide. But not all of them offer customers a nutritionist to consult for guidance and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One that does is Susan’s Healthy Gourmet. You can email Susan’s nutritionist or call her during business hours.

Susan’s pioneered the concept of restaurant-style, fresh gourmet meals delivered to homes twice weekly throughout Southern California. The restaurant-style menu includes carb-considerate, vegetarian, diabetic, low-sodium, and gluten-sensitive meals. Two ordering options are available: breakfast, lunch and dinner, or lunch and dinner only, for either five or seven days a week. A daily snack is included.

You decide how many meals you want for the week. Select the portion size for each meal, or about one-third of the daily–1200 or 1650 calories. Then check the menu schedule to find the current date and week. Refer to the corresponding Main Menu online and the additional menus for the week’s available selections.

Next, place your order by phone or online at Meals are delivered to your home or a convenient pickup location near it on Mondays and Thursdays with three and four days’ worth of food respectively.

Susan’s is based in Orange County, and delivers to Los Angeles and San Diego counties as well. Prices vary and delivery fees apply. But if you want all the convenience of healthy gourmet meals at home instead of heading out to a restaurant, Susan’s and its competitors might suit your appetite just fine.

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  • Luke Smith says:

    Thanks for walking through some of the things to think ab out when ordering a gourmet meal online. I can definitely see how having a nutritionist to consult would be handy! I would imagine that another big thing to think about when picking a meal delivery service would be location, since you’d want to find one that was close enough to deliver to you.

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