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Summer is right around the corner, which means it is time for barbecues, spending hours in or by the pool, and numerous celebrations. And, while we may not be able to jet off to our favorite summer destinations just yet, we can still enjoy that easy summertime living right here at home. Are you ready to dress up your home for a summery staycation?

Here are some of our favorite, easy summer decorating ideas that won’t break the bank while still giving your place a chic, vacation-vibe update.

Brighten it up

Need a quick makeover? Graphic paintings, fresh flowers, and vibrant dishes are a simple way to go. First, pick a mood, whether it’s a specific color palette, floral patterns, or even a specific object that you would like to focus on. Think: pineapples, flamingos, or your favorite summer hue. Next, add more colors and decor pieces to complement it. If you’re not ready to be so daring with the inside of your home, we pick out vibrant furniture and accents for your backyard or patio. Some great ideas to begin are patio sets, seat cushions, and cool centerpieces for your table.

Accessorize with citrus

This is exactly what it sounds like. Decorating with a bowl of citrus fruits can change the mood in a room, while also making it feel brighter and more summery.  To make the biggest impact, stick to arrangements featuring warm colors, such as bold oranges, radiant yellows, or vibrant pinks, and save rich reds and deep purples for other seasons. Small clusters of even lemons or bright color look cheery and create an undeniable summertime vibe. Chances are, you’re already buying these fruits to add to your recipes, so grab a glass jar or colorful fruit bowl and voila!


Amp up the bar space

A new season calls for a new drink menu! Every house with or without a formal bar needs a fully-stocked fridge and fresh ingredients, so first assess what you already have. Make sure you have a solid base of liquors, juices, and garnishes. We suggest pineapple juice, as it is well-loved and easy to mix with most drinks. For non-alcoholic beverages, consider investing in a juicer so you can make fresh squeezed juices and mocktails. Finally, grab a few beverage accents to complement your summer aesthetic like hot pink straws, drink umbrellas, and colorful coasters. Decorate the bar, too, such as with shells and stripes for a nautical theme or pineapples and lanterns if you’re working with a more tropical vibe.

Get the party started

Make sure to officially welcome summer by entertaining outdoors. Low tables, floor pillows, and strands of clear outdoor lights will set a merry mood. Winning combos of bright colors, such as turquoise, red, and white, create a festive atmosphere and will encourage a festive mindset. Taking your summer decorations to your front porch can also be as simple as adding a few extra planters or even some string lights. Eating outdoors will help you and your family take advantage of everything summer has to offer. Follow these tips for a budget-friendly update to your outdoor spaces.

Pile on the pillows

Make any nook or swinging daybed much more welcoming by simply covering it all with a summery tablecloth and pillows with vibrant prints or patterns. You can achieve this easily, because the colors don’t need to perfectly match and they will help bring everything together in a cozy yet airy way.


Adding unexpected accents

One of the coolest ways you can bring the beach indoors is to fill up your fireplace. You won’t be stoking the flames for another few months, so for now, stack leftover wood or position candles in your fireplace. Another idea is to accessorize with hunks of coral for some neutral colors that won’t overpower the rest of your summery decorations.

Update older furniture

On a budget? Give a tired chair or side table new life using high-gloss spray paint in a summery hue, such as sky blue or grassy green. The glossy paint creates a fun lacquered look and gives an old piece a fresh and modern edge. Just don’t forget to properly prime the furniture to help the paint adhere to the surface and wear longer.

Summery scents

For a continuous seasonal aesthetic in your home, switch out scents as the seasons change. Gingerbread and evergreen are great smells for winter months, but in the summer try fresh scents, such as ocean breeze or cucumber-melon. You will be amazed at how a simple switch of a scent can change the ambiance! Plus, candles can stand in for quick, inexpensive summer decorations.


Garden florals

Impress guests with a hanging garden, such as a chandelier of potted plants in an outdoor dining room. Trellises, Plus, you’ll have extra tabletop space for place-settings and party food. Also, venturing into your backyard and doing some last-minute gardening can help spruce up any spot in your home before guests arrive (or if you’re just looking to enjoy them for yourself).

Ready to get started?

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