January 5th, 2015 at 10:00 am

Diana Rubottom

After helping hundreds of clients relocate to their ideal home, Diana Rubottom has found her own ideal home away from home. Three of them, to be precise. She is the new manager of our Rancho Santa Fe Village, Fairbanks Ranch and Del Rayo offices.

A Relocation Certified Fine Homes Specialist, Rubottom recently relocated herself after several years at the Newport Beach office. She is as excited about the move as any of her clients were about theirs.

“I was willing to relocate to wherever the company wanted me,” said Rubottom, who has been licensed since 1990 and formerly owned a real estate franchise in the Monterey-Carmel region. “I was thrilled when the Rancho Santa Fe position became available. I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism everyone demonstrates in my three offices. I worked over 23 years to find the perfect place and this is it.”

“Diana is the kind of manager who is high energy, really understands the business and is readily accessible to her agents,” said David M. Cabot, President and CEO. “She knows where to get the answers so clients receive the high level of service they deserve.”

“I love the fact that the real estate profession is different every day,” Rubottom said. “There’s a new challenge each time you come into the office. I love being around all the different personalities we have in real estate. I have a great affection for them. It’s the people that excite me.”


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