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We’re probably not the first to tell you this, but on Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the continental United States. It is the first time in U.S. history that a total solar eclipse will be visible only in America. In Southern California, the eclipse will peak around 10:22 a.m.

Although Southern California will only see about 70 percent of the solar eclipse, it will still be an incredible sight that you won’t want to miss.

Solar eclipse viewing safety

No matter where you’re planning to view the eclipse, it’s important to protect your eyes from permanent damage. During the partial eclipse phases, the sun can do irreparable damage. Luckily, several companies are selling glasses with dark lenses that can protect your eyes.

Just don’t be fooled by the fake glasses out there and purchase from a reputable source.

What is the difference between a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, completely blocking the sun from Earth’s view. The last total solar eclipse occurred on August 11, 1999, but it was not visible from the United States. Partial solar eclipses have been seen from the United States since then, but a total eclipse is much more rare to witness.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon, blocking the moon from the sun’s light.

Where to watch

Once you’ve taken the necessary safety precautions and figured out what you’re looking for, you’ll want to find a prime location for when the moon eclipses the sun.

If you didn’t make plans to travel to one of the lucky cities that will be seeing a full eclipse, such as Salem, Oregon; Carbondale, Illinois; or Columbia, South Carolina; then you’ll definitely want to park yourself in a prime viewing point somewhere in Southern California.

We’ve found 15 properties that will give you that perfect view, plus give you stunning views even when there isn’t an eclipse.

Solana Beach | Valerie Tuck


Grab your best friend and take a seat! This home’s master suite has a private balcony that overlooks the river valley and elevates you for optimum solar eclipse viewing.

San Clemente | Scott Kidd


In the backyard, you’ll find a beautiful patio perfect for hosting a solar eclipse party. The eclipse may be occurring on a Monday morning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make the most of it!

Los Angeles | St. James & Canter


A rooftop deck with 360-degree views has to be one of the best places to watch from. Now if only Southern California was going to see 100 percent of the eclipse!

Ventura | Gary & Lisa Schoeffler


Amazing views and a professionally landscaped backyard mean you’ll be viewing the eclipse in style from this home on August 21. And, once the sun is back in full view, you can jump into the swim spa.

San Clemente | Elicia Hartanov & Linda Hartanov


The expansive rooftop deck not only provides stunning ocean views, but it is also the perfect spot for taking in the solar eclipse.

La Jolla | Claire Melbo


Located on one of the finest streets in La Jolla, this beautiful home boasts a large deck. All you’ll need are a couple of lounge chairs and a pair of solar eclipse-viewing glasses for everyone.

El Cajon | Dawne Loveday


This secluded home with 360-degree views might be one of the best spots in San Diego to catch the eclipse. With a secret “crow’s nest” in the house and hidden gardens surrounding it, you’ll have the perfect vantage point no matter where you take a seat.

La Jolla | The Tash Team


What would make seeing a partial solar eclipse even better? Seeing it from your very own infinity pool, of course! Relax in the pool or on the patio while you take it all in.

Solana Beach | Robert W. Sayler


This backyard enjoys gorgeous, expansive views, from the ocean to snow-capped mountains. All you have to do on August 21 is kick up your feet and enjoy the eclipse.

San Diego | Team Cairncross


This bay-front penthouse itself is rare, taking in views of the sunset every evening. On the morning of August 21, however, its private rooftop deck will be a phenomenal spot to witness an even rarer sight.

San Diego | Maxine & Marti Gellens

Already home to several solar panels, this home’s rooftop deck will also have access to undisrupted views of the eclipse August 21.

San Clemente | Elicia Hartanov & Linda Hartanov

In addition to a sprawling green yard and covered patio, this home has an ocean-view balcony that you can access via the second floor or a spiral staircase.

San Clemente | Scott Kidd


Situated on top of a bluff and boasting panoramic ocean and city views, this home has the perfect vantage point for solar-eclipse viewing.

San Juan Capistrano | Candy Flock & Debbie Brewington


Ocean breezes, exquisite views, and a solar eclipse can be enjoyed from all three of this home’s viewing decks.

San Diego | Deanne Palmer


A home described as the quintessential California indoor/outdoor lifestyle is the perfect location for a solar-eclipse viewing party. The backyard and deck look over a canyon, giving the residents gorgeous and expansive views.

Where will you be viewing the eclipse from on August 21?


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