October 20th, 2017 at 11:00 am


The Ultimate List of Things to Do When Moving

There’s something about packing all our worldly possessions into a bunch of cardboard boxes that seems to strike fear in our hearts–especially when moving to another state. While the process of preparing to live in a new home or city can be daunting, there are ways to ensure you have a seamless moving experience. 

One of the best ways is surprisingly simple: Prepare a to-do list of things to take care of when moving.

The minute you learn of your residential move it’s a good idea to have a detailed checklist to keep yourself organized. Moving requires a lot of effort, and even a few sacrifices along the way to bring the adventure to a successful conclusion.

Here are some time-tested steps to include in your list of tasks to do when moving:

The Move Itself

Now that you’re ready to pack for your move like a pro, you might still have questions about selling your home

Staying Organized

Whether you’re moving to a neighboring community or a whole new city, staying organized is key.

Transferring Utilities

You’ll want to make sure that you’ve set up your utilities, such as internet, cable, water, gas, and electricity.

Here are a few steps you’ll want to take for transferring utilities when you move:

Update Your Address With the DMV

No one wants to deal with the DMV, but it’s important to update your driver’s license when you move to a new address. Plus, U.S. citizens are required by law to update their voter registration when moving to a new permanent residence.

Visit the California DMV website for more information or, if you’re moving to a new state, be sure to review all the necessary steps well in advance.

Now that you’re ready for your big move, you need to prepare for your buying or selling experience. Don’t forget to ask about our company’s relocation services.

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