December 16th, 2020 at 11:00 am

This New Year’s Eve, much like the rest of the year, will probably look very different for most of us. While it may seem like a reason to feel a bit down, it’s also an opportunity to shake things up and ring in a new year in fun and different ways.

Plus, the perks of hosting an at-home NYE party include less pressure to pull off a night of complex and expensive plans. Any evening that involves having fun, staying safe and cozy, and saving money is a win for us!

Possibly the best reason to stay home this year is to continue social distancing, so that 2021 can hopefully live up to the expectations that 2020 failed for so many of us. Although it’s important to stay vigilant with COVID-19 safety practices, that does not mean that your plans have to be boring! 

Whether you’re spending the holiday with immediate family, your significant other, or a small group of close friends, we have plenty of creative ideas to make the last day of 2020 a memorable one.

Dress up like you’re heading out

If you’ve ever dressed up for a holiday, then ended up sitting on the couch for most of the night, then this New Year’s Eve will definitely be more your pace.

For most of us, getting dressed is typically for a special occasion, so it might not make sense to put on your sparkly dress or tuxedo just for a night at home. But, to get into a festive mood, ditch the sweats and add some sparkles!

Here are two ideas that will make sure your fancy outfit is not wasted:

Take photos! Even if your wild NYE only involves yourself and one other person, you can still have a fun photoshoot. Set up a self timer and commemorate the evening with some glam pics.

Create a photo wall: All you need is a backdrop, some balloons or streamers, and a camera! Use a Polaroid camera for instant photos and add some silly props–you’ll have a blast snapping photos all night.

Set a fun theme

A great theme can bring people together and add an extra layer of fun to your party. You’ll want to establish a theme prior to inviting your guests, or you can all come up with one together. Decide if the theme is glam, casual, or silly.

Some of our suggested theme ideas:

A theme will get everyone excited to plan their attire ahead of time. As the host, you can really set the mood by ordering themed décor, party supplies, and drinks or snacks. Never underestimate how festive your evening can be once you add some crazy hats, streamers, sparklers, confetti, and even disposable cameras to capture memories! 

Prepare a memorable meal (and drinks!)

The best way to brighten the mood? Delicious food and drinks combined with meaningful conversations, of course! Whether you’ve decided to host a sit-down dinner or just offer small bites, it’s important choose a menu that everyone will remember and enjoy.

Some of our favorite ideas include:

We also can’t forget about the best part: drinks! Your NYE celebration is only as good as the drink you choose to toast with at midnight, so it’s only right you make something really special for the occasion. For drinks, have something sparkling to toast with at midnight, a signature cocktail that can easily be made and served throughout the night, and a non-alcoholic option for kids and anyone who prefers.

Plan plenty of activities

After you’ve enjoyed a delicious meal, you’ll want to plan some fun activities until it gets close to midnight.

Put together a NYE playlist, asking guests ahead of time for some of their favorite tunes and then adding some of your own. Consider if you want it to contain background music, dance music, or a little bit of both! The right playlist can really set the mood.

Some NYE activities to try:

Plan a virtual toast

Thanks to Zoom, virtual activities have become a staple during celebrations this year, which means you can easily connect with those who can’t join you in person.

And, if your entire evening is virtual, most of the above ideas and activities can still be done. Just send your suggested ideas ahead of time so everyone can plan and make the necessary preparations.

Plan a time to video in your friends and loved ones so you can all raise a glass to getting through 2020.

2020 may not have been the year we all expected, but there is still a way to find joy in every moment while staying safe and staying home.

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