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With the rush of the holiday season, you may find yourself in a moment of dread when you realize that you still have a few names to cross off your shopping list. Now is not the time to panic!

We have compiled a list of last minute gift ideas for everyone on your list. Whether you’re planning to brave the malls the weekend before Christmas, or if you will be relying on your Amazon Prime account to save the day, we have you covered with a thoughtful list of gift ideas on any budget. As an added bonus, we are also sharing a few ways to elevate your gift-wrapping too, because opening the presents are half the fun!

Your parents or in-laws

Your friends who are new homeowners

Your friends who are new parents

Your boss

Your nieces and nephews

Time to wrap it up!

Don’t forget that opening presents can be half the fun! Adding a personal touch to your gift wrapping is sure to make the recipient feel special and excited to see what’s inside. Here are a few of our favorite ways to add an extra DIY touch to your wrapping.

Use a simple wrapping paper or box, but opt for a more luxurious feeling ribbon. Velvet accents are right on trend this winter and will add an extra layer of texture and luxe to your gift. Tucking in a sprig of rosemary or pine branch also adds a beautiful and minimalistic touch.


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Get creative with your gift embellishments. You can buy decorative items such as ornaments, bells, cookie cutters, etc. in bulk and add them as a functional and inexpensive bonus gift on top!


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Embrace your inner artist. From DIY potato cut out stamps, to simple sharpie or paint on paper, your creativity is truly the limit when it comes to dressing up a blank wrapping paper canvas.

When it comes to the holiday season, don’t forget that the most important gift you can give is the quality time with your loved ones. Whether it’s a cozy holiday at home or an extravagant affair, simply being present is the greatest gift of all.

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