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The holidays are right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: it is officially time to set the tone for the season in your home. What better way to highlight fall than with rustic, traditional, and even vintage styles?

Begin in your dining room, the place where most memories are made in your home. Whether you’re planning on hosting a casual pumpkin carving party or having your entire family over for Thanksgiving, we are sure you’re going to find the perfect fit for all of your fall events.

From tablescapes to centerpieces, to wreaths and tons of greenery, here are a few ideas to help you get inspired.


Tablescapes and centerpieces

There are a million and one different ways to go about decorating your dining room, but we think that a good table set-up is key. Create the most stunning tablescape by focusing primarily on a color theme and style.

Are you more modern, minimalist, or whimsy? You can definitely mix in some pieces, but to have a cohesive look, focus on one and stick to it throughout the decorating process.

Now, it’s time for gathering all of the materials for the table setting! Collect placemats, a pretty runner, napkins/napkin holders, candles, dried (or perhaps some fresh) herbs and flowers, greenery, any type of nuts, acorns, baskets, trays, and even some vases. Play around with everything, ranging from minimal to as eccentric as you want. Once you begin to arrange your items, you will start to get a feeling of what you like and how you want it to look!


Create an accent wall

Who says a wreath is only for the front door? Put a twist on the usual door décor by hanging an oversized wreath on a wall facing your table, if possible. This is a great styling tip if you’re more into a minimalistic vibe, or if your table is a little bit “loud,” but would still like to highlight a plain wall to balance it all out. From DIY pinecone wreaths to floral-themed ones, the possibilities are endless. Feeling extra festive? Try hanging a collection of wreaths that compliment each other and the room.

Picture-perfect sideboard

Don’t forget about your sideboard! It can easily be both functional and stunning, stacking some festive plates, dressy silverware, and even some candles, bouquet bunches, or imitation fruit. We think that the “messier” (aka, the more mix of materials), the better, especially if the color scheme of the sideboard helps tie in the rest of the dining room theme.

Looking for something a bit easier or simpler? Let the main dinner table take all the attention and have the sideboard be more of a neutral-colored palette instead.


Foliage arrangements

When it comes to putting together a floral arrangement, an expensive trip to the florist is definitely not needed. We suggest filling a large vessel (it doesn’t have to be a traditional vase!) with your favorite fall picks and complementing it with various smaller arrangements throughout the rest of the house. Use bold colors, berry branches, and nontraditional flowers in order to get even more attention.

Another chic idea is to simply pile on some pumpkins. This is ideal if you want to keep things a little more traditional, or have last-minute company coming over. Just group and stack different sizes and different colored pumpkins on a small side table, as a centerpiece, or even your porch and/or patio!

The use of unconventional materials

Before you start planning any sort of shopping spree, consider upcycling materials you may already have around your home. Use mason jars as vases, natural materials such as sticks, wood, or even rocks to spice things up. Spray paint older furniture that you can use inside or can also work outside and watch your home come to life without spending a fortune!

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