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Whether your holiday decorating style involves garland, glitter, fake snow, and hundreds of lights, or you prefer a more subtle (but still festive) look, poinsettias are a great way to bring color and life into your home during the colder months. Like any plant, they require proper attention and care to ensure they last through the holidays and beyond.

Coronado agent Debbie Giometti recently visited the Coronado Ferry Landing Farmers Market to learn how to take care of the popular holiday plant. She received some great info from Matt, one of the vendors at the farmers market, which we’ve outlined below:

Poinsettia Facts and Care Tips

Did you know? Poinsettias are part of the succulent family 

This means they like to go dry between watering. A six-inch plant will drink about a gallon of water per year.

Poinsettias do not like the cold or rain

If the weather reaches freezing temperatures, be sure to bring your plants inside.

They will last all winter long

With proper care, a poinsettia’s flowers will last until February. If you want to regrow them, cut them back pretty low.

Transfer them outside

You can transfer poinsettias to your yard. They can easily reach 25 feet, but pruning them a few times a year will keep them at a manageable size.

Are they poisonous? 

According to WebMD, the myth that poinsettias are poisonous is just that: a myth. Though not completely harmless, a child would have to eat about 500 leaves to become sick. They are mildly toxic, and contact with the eyes or mouth should be avoided. However, it is safe to have them in the house around children and pets because their unpleasant taste will deter them from taking a second bite!

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  • Nicki Marcellino says:

    Very helpful as I did not know Poinsettas were a part of the succulent family and was over watering!

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