October 27th, 2014 at 10:00 am


For children around the world, Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. After all, when else can they dress however they choose and stock up on endless amounts of candy? While the spirit of the holiday is meant to be celebrated in good fun, Halloween can be dangerous if children and their parents aren’t careful. Follow these tips to ensure that you have both a spooky and safe Halloween.

  1. Plan your route. Planning in advance where you’ll be going can help you and your child stay on the same page and avoid getting lost. Some families may not live in a trick-or-treat-friendly area. If you’re traveling outside your neighborhood, consider showing your child the route before the holiday.
  2. Plan your group. Avoid trick-or-treating alone at all costs. If you can’t go with your child, ensure that they are with another trusted adult. Consider forming a group in your neighborhood to walk together. There is safety in numbers.
  3. Dress appropriately. Depending on your day, you might be walking for hours. Be sure both you and your child are wearing comfortable shoes. Pay attention to the weather, make sure you dress appropriately and bring any extra gear in case it gets cold or rains. If trick-or-treating at night, consider wearing reflective gear and carrying a flashlight.
  4. Choose costumes wisely. When selecting your scary costumes, avoid masks for young children. Some masks may make it difficult to breathe. If your child is carrying any props, use rubber or plastic to avoid accidental injuries to you child or others.
  5. Do not enter a stranger’s home. Be sure your child knows never to enter a home when trick-or-treating unless it’s a trusted adult’s.
  6. Always walk, never run. Although racing to get the best candy can be tempting, walk to avoid unforeseen obstacles.
  7. Examine your treats. Before you let your child dive into a sugar coma, inspect all treats for any kind of tampering or choking hazard.


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