October 1st, 2014 at 10:00 am

Valet Parking

Although you may have used a valet service before, have you been following proper valet etiquette? Like many other service-oriented jobs, following unspoken protocol can help you get better customer service and make sure your car is well taken care of. Follow these tips the next time you valet your car.

  1. Tidy up your vehicle before you plan to use the valet. Make sure there’s nothing you’d be embarrassed about inside and consider removing any high-priced items.
  2. Follow instructions and pull your car all the way to the indicated location. This helps service run smoother and decreases delay times.
  3. If you need to have your vehicle returned at a certain time, let the valet know when you’ll be back or call ahead. Depending on the establishment, it can take your valet a few minutes to retrieve your car.
  4. When dropping off your car, ask the valet when the service is typically done for the evening. Be back close to this time so the valet is not waiting with just your car hours after his or her shift has ended.
  5. Keep the engine running when you exit your vehicle. The valet will be moving it almost immediately. If there are any problems our quirks with your car, now is the time to let the valet know.
  6. Be sure to bring cash with you. Not all valets accept credit card payments.
  7. When tipping, consider both the valet who takes your car and the one who retrieves it. You won’t always have the same valet, so this ensures everyone is compensated fairly. On average, a valet is tipped $3 to $6. Consider giving $2 to $3 to the valet that takes your car and the same to the valet that retrieves it. Avoid tipping in coins when possible.


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