September 17th, 2014 at 11:30 am

When it comes to interior design, a staircase can present both a challenge and an opportunity. Below we’ve compiled some of our favorite interior design trends to help you lighten, brighten and freshen up your stairway. For more design inspiration, check out our staircase board on Pinterest at

    1. Create a wall gallery along the wall of your staircase. For best viewing from the first floor, hang the frames low on the wall and follow the angle of the stairs.
    2. Use a vinyl wall decal. These can be found on a number of websites and in stores. Some places allow you to create your own text. For a bolder statement use, vinyl decals along the base of your stairs to create a message as you walk up.



    3. Go contemporary by using a stencil or wallpaper only on the adjacent staircase wall.



    4. Use large, statement art pieces. To figure out the best placement, cut and create the same size and shape out of newspaper and place on your wall.
    5. Create an ombre paint job on your staircase starting with the darkest color at its base.
    6. Contrast a neutral staircase with a colorful wall or handrail.
    7. Add a runner in a bright color or unique pattern.
    8. Bring the outdoors inside with faux stone wall panels on the wall adjacent to the staircase.
    9. Skip the traditional handrail and choose something nontraditional such as a log or nautical rope.
    10. Highlight your staircase with accent lighting from sconces.


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