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Valentine’s Day can be a controversial holiday for home decor. There is a fine line between sweet and romantic accent pieces versus the over-the-top decorations you will commonly find in stores this time of the year.

When your home already has a touch of romantic elegance, you don’t have to add much to be fully transformed into a cupid’s paradise for the holiday. These 10 homes are sure to get you in the mood to add a touch of Valentine’s Day whimsy to your home decor.

Ojai |$5,700,000

Presented by Dan Tapia

Is there anything more on-trend on Valentine’s Day than a cherub fountain trickling amidst a pink rose garden? We don’t think so.

Calabasas | $4,500,000

Presented by Marc Shevin and Sara Shevin

With cabernet accents, floral wallpaper, and pink touches throughout this beautiful home, it is the perfect example of tasteful and romantic decor.

Encinitas | $1,949,000

Presented by Wendy Ramp

This stunning home is staged for neutral Valentine’s Day perfection with its red and floral accent pieces.

San Clemente | $1,325,000

Presented by Siobhan & Bryan Ulnick

With a rose-lined entryway and a pink sunset to light up the sky, this home sure knows how to set a romantic tone.

Coronado | $1,080,000

Presented by Teri Christensen

This home shows that it only takes a few decorative switches to transform a home for Valentine’s Day. A few red throw pillows and matching floral accents does the trick!

Escondido | $1,050,000

Presented by Dick and Kathy Daniels

A bold red accent wall sets the perfect tone for Valentine’s Day decor theme without being overly feminine.

Escondido | $889,900

Presented by Cindy Waasdorp

Paris, the city of love, sets the decorative tone for this office space. Cupid approves.

San Diego | $849,000

Presented by Nakia Hatchett and Tony Silva

There’s nothing like a cheery pop of color to accent your front door and window shutters. Add a romantic floral wreath to the door and you are all set for Valentine’s Day.

San Clemente | $760,000

Presented by Debbie Brewington

A red front door and a beautiful floral garden will create the perfect entryway for a Valentine’s Day celebration at home.

Brea | $675,000

Presented by Lori Black

Last but not least, this light pink home sets the romantic Valentine’s Day mood all on its own…imagine what you could do with the inside!

If you’re searching for your dream home (romantic embellishments or not) be sure to check out our available Southern California listings.

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