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If you love hosting parties, chances are you love serving up the best dishes and the best drinks to pair with them.

When everyone is all together and having a great time, it can be inconvenient to have to run back and forth between the kitchen and where everyone is relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Luckily, wet bars are a great solution to that problem! Often equipped with a small refrigerator and plenty of counter space, wet bars are conveniently placed and give you the ability to entertain while still enjoying your guests’ company. 

Here are 12 homes with indoor or outdoor wet bars that you’re sure to love.

Hidden Hills | $16,500,000

Presented by Shevin Team


When you imagine a wet bar, this has to be the ultimate dream. Complete with a refrigerated wine display and seating for five guests, you will be entertaining friends, family, and colleagues here all the time.

Rancho Santa Fe | $8,790,000

Presented by Dany Zaragoza


Is this an establishment that locals would frequent, or just an in-home bar? With its cheerful decor and plenty of space to stock up on all the staples, you may not be able to tell the difference.

Los Angeles | $7,195,000

Presented by Larry Young & Penny Negrin


Hosting a party? Having just a few friends over? Either way, this mini wet bar is perfect for filling up on your beverage of choice.

Coronado | $5,999,500

Presented by The Clements Group


This room may be an entertainer’s dream come true! With plenty of space for serving, mingling, or more seating options, you can host the cocktail party you’ve always wanted right here.

Coronado | $5,300,000

Presented by Brunilda Zaragoza & Dany Zaragoza


If you have a passion for making and serving up drinks to your guests, then this is the perfect setup for you.

San Juan Capistrano | $4,995,000

Presented by Carol McLaughlin & Nick Di Re


On those hot summer days by the pool, sometimes you need a nice, refreshing beverage. This home has a conveniently placed outdoor wet bar, perfect for serving up sodas or margaritas.

Coronado | $3,995,000

Presented by The Clements Group


Do you love hosting movie nights? Football Sundays? Bachelor Mondays? This wet bar is within arm’s reach of the living room and television, so you can prepare drinks without having to press pause.

Encino | $3,499,000

Presented by Francine Chalme Meyberg


With this professional-looking wet bar, you might want to consider setting out a tip jar!

Coronado | $3,379,000

Presented by The Clements Group


This room is perfect for an intimate get-together with friends and has everything you need for a fantastic time.

Beverly Hills | $2,988,000

Presented by Dennis Adelpour


With a large game room, wet bar, and wine room, your home will be everyone’s favorite place to celebrate or just get together for a night of fun.

Coronado | $2,599,000

Presented by The Clements Group 


Bright, open, and with an easy access wet bar, this living room is perfect for entertaining small groups or just a quiet night at home.

San Juan Capistrano | $2,595,000

Presented by Carol McLaughlin


If you prefer hosting friends and family outside by the pool, an outdoor wet bar like this one is exactly what you need.

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