May 5th, 2021 at 11:00 am

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With spring in full force and summer right around the corner, it’s no surprise that most of us are eager for more outdoor activities. After more than a year of staying inside and avoiding crowded spaces, the promise of a “normal” summer seems almost too good to be true.

For some, it may be necessary or a personal preference to still maintain a safe distance from others. Luckily, in beautiful Southern California there are plenty of outdoor activities for everyone!

No matter where you live, it’s easy to get outside and enjoy some sunshine, cool breezes, and warm evenings. Regardless if you’re an adventurous person or not, here are a few creative ideas to get you out in the fresh air, socially distanced and completely fun!

Catch the sunset or sunrise

Whether you want a moment of peace by yourself, or to make a new memory with friends, there are plenty of quiet places along the coast or in the mountains/hills to relax in nature and soak up the sunrise or sunset. Travel to your nearest mountain, cliff, field, or even lake and enjoy the scenery and a quiet moment. If you decide on a solo trip, take a book to read, meditate for a while, or spend some time journaling. If you’re with a friend, bring some hot coffee or tea and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Have a picnic

One of the best outcomes of social distancing has to be the increased number of picnics! All your picnic needs is a great open spot in a local park or the beach, some friends or family members from your inner circle, and tasty food, drinks, and snacks. Picnics are perfect for a midday brunch or dinner with a sunset. Don’t forget games, music, and activities. If you’re celebrating, you can make the day even more special by carefully selecting details such as name plates, cute napkin holders, disposable cameras, and even a small photo booth.

Go on a road trip

Thinking about a few state or national parks you have yet to visit? Make a list of your dream destinations, then map the best way to drive to them all. If you’re looking to stay local, consider a local monument/tourist attraction, a small town that is nearby, or even just cruise along the coast or mountains and “get lost” with some friends. If you’re hoping to be more eco-conscious while also staying active, there are tons of biking trails that can be found throughout Southern California. Dust your bike off, pump up the tires, oil the chains, then head out for a leisurely ride along the beach or trail.

Take your workout outside

Another result of social distancing, plenty of fitness gurus and experts are providing tons of online workout plans for free that you can complete in the comfort of your home, but you don’t have to stay inside! Find an outdoor workout you’re excited about, or simply move your current favorite outdoors. Some good options to consider include boot camps, yoga, or guided dance routines. If organized fitness is not your thing, consider a hike, swim, or playing a sport like tennis or volleyball. As the weather grows warmer, you’ll love an option with cool breezes and shade, so do anything that will get your body up and moving to get those endorphins flowing.

Watch a movie

Invite your family or even some neighbors over to your own movie night experience! Grab a sheet, a projector, bowls of popcorn, plus something sweet and set up a small “theater” in your garage, on your driveway, in your yard, or even at a park or the beach/bay. Movie nights are fun for all ages, so this is sure to be a huge hit in the summer and even going into fall!

What outdoor activities are you planning this spring and summer?

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