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Natural light. Everyone loves it. Everyone wants it.

When a home has large windows and high ceilings, it makes it seem so much more cheerful and spacious.

Large windows and high ceilings aren’t the only way to add more light to a home though. Skylights and sky tubes are energy-efficient features and a great way to let sunlight flood into your home, giving you a brighter space to thrive in.

Here are 9 Southern California homes with skylights, sky tubes, and lots of that coveted natural light.

Carpinteria | $26,500,000

Presented by Cristal Clarke


This stunning estate is filled with natural light and even in the privacy of the master bathroom that stays true. Enjoy a sun-soaked bath or the luxury of natural light as you get ready in the morning thanks to the large skylight in the center of the room.

Santa Barbara | $3,995,000

Presented by Laurel Abbot & Mitch Stark


Who doesn’t love a workspace with lots of light? Thanks to the large skylight, this room is well-lit and ready for your next big project.

Santa Monica | $2,950,000

Presented by Emil Alexander Schneeman


This custom built architectural home has a soaring atrium ceiling, beautiful natural light, and skylights throughout. Add an interior environment that blends with the outdoor gardens and enjoys sweeping canyon views and you’ll truly feel like you’re one with nature.

La Jolla | $1,945,000

Presented by Dave Finburgh & Jane Gao


Full of light and move-in ready, you’ll love the double skylights, high windows, and the wall of glass doors in the living room.

Santa Barbara | $1,695,000

Presented by Lorie F. Bartron


Nearly floor-to-ceiling windows and two skylights in the vaulted ceiling make this living room the perfect space to find your peace.

Santa Barbara | $1,100,000

Presented by Scott Williams


This spacious living room is graced by natural light, thanks to well-positioned windows and a sky tube that pours light in from above.

Costa Mesa | $765,000

Presented by Laura Dolan


Close to the beach and shopping, this light-filled home has been upgraded to be the home of your dreams.

Carpinteria | $490,000

Presented by Hitchcock & Associates


This charming and traditional home has high ceilings, skylights, and sky tubes that bring in tons of natural light.

Escondido | $339,500

Presented by Barbara Hunt


This lovely home features vaulted ceilings, sky tubes, and a covered porch that help you to enjoy natural light inside and fresh cool air when you need it. Contact an agent for more information about Escondido homes for sale.

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