April 26th, 2021 at 11:00 am

swimming pool in peaceful backyard

Looking for a home with a swimming pool?

Every spring, we look forward to longer days, sunny afternoons, and more time spent in the swimming pool. It’s a sneak peek at summer, which is right around the corner.

That also means we’re looking at homes that are well-equipped for the warmer months, whether they have large shaded backyards, built-in barbecues, or swimming pools.

Below, we’ve found nine homes currently for sale in Southern California that boast breathtaking pools, right in the backyard. Before you jump right in, make sure you brush up on our safety tips for swimming pools.

Santa Barbara | $62,000,000

Presented by Cristal Clarke

swimming pool with ocean view

We’re not sure what’s more peaceful about this backyard, the serene landscaping or the blue ocean views in the distance.

La Jolla | $8,875,000

Presented by Greg Noonan

swimming pool and modern home

This modern home just wouldn’t feel complete without a spacious pool and spa in the backyard. don’t you agree? Grab the floaties and sunscreen and prepare for a great spring and summer!

Montecito | $7,950,000

Presented by Cristal Clarke

peaceful swimming pool

Take a dive into this peaceful paradise, surrounded by lush green grass, shady trees, and a covered patio perfect for grilling up a meal on a cool spring evening or hot summer day.

Santa Ynez | $5,000,000

Presented by Laura Drammer

swimming pool and mountain views

All this pool needs are a few cushioned lounge chairs, sparkling beverages, and a big hat to shade your face will you soak up some rays.

Rancho Santa Fe | $4,195,000

Presented by Tim Van Damm

backyard swimming pool

We love the addition of the shaded table right next to the pool. It juts out beautifully to give the illusion that there is water on all sides. A great spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

La Mesa | $1,925,000

Presented by Joel Blumenfeld

backyard swimming pool with view

This backyard is ideal for play and relaxation thanks to the stunning view, spacious pool, and lounging area.

Santa Ynez | $1,895,000

Presented by Laura Drammer

swimming pool with diving board

When was the last time you used a diving board? For whoever is lucky enough to claim this pool as their own, the answer to that question could be every day! Dive on in, don’t be afraid to make a splash.

Glendale | $1,349,000


swimming pool and spa

Perfectly tranquil, this pool/spa enjoys complete privacy and plenty of sunshine.

Beaumont | $520,000

Presented by Danielle Jackson

We love a backyard that has a gorgeous pool and plenty of grass to run, play, and relax in. For us, this backyard checks all the boxes, what about for you?

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