October 5th, 2018 at 11:00 am


Fall is in full swing, and here in Southern California, that means it’s only a matter of time before our nights begin to really cool down. When our days are still mostly warm and sunny, though, it can be hard to go inside after a beautiful day but sometimes it’s just too cold to stick it out in the backyard.

However, if you crave the fresh cool air, an alternative to hiding inside when the temperature dips too low would be to have a fire pit or spa that will keep you warm.

We found 29 homes for sale that have built-in fire pits and spas, or the space to add your own.

Montecito | $26,500,000

Presented by Cristal Clarke


Too cool outside to watch the sunset? Throw on a bathing suit and jump into this perfectly positioned hot tub.

Hidden Hills | $11,495,000

Presented by Marc Shevin


With a firepit-flanked spa, this backyard is the ideal spot to spend a fall evening.

Coronado | $6,995,000

Presented by The Clements Group


Everything about this backyard makes it ideal for the Southern California lifestyle, even when the evenings begin to cool down. If you’re not in the mood to take a dip in the hot tub, you can still gather around the built-in firepit right next to it.

Coronado | $6,750,000

Presented by Brunilda & Dany Zaragoza


Too chilly to take out the boat but you still want to be outside? This home’s hot tub is ready to welcome you with warm waters.

Coronado | $6,388,000

Presented by Brunilda & Dany Zaragoza


After a sunny day spent in the pool, it can be hard to go back inside when the sun goes down. Luckily, this home has a spa that will keep you warm all evening.

Ventura | $5,250,000

Presented by MK Properties


With a deck and front row ocean view like the one this house gets to experience every day, there is no way you’d want to spend a beautiful fall night indoors. Stay warm in the hot tub during and after every sunset this fall.

Montecito | $4,150,000

Presented by Cristal Clarke


This spacious backyard has enough seats for the entire family around the firepit! Perfect for roasting marshmallows, telling spooky stories, and making memories.

Santa Barbara | $3,475,000

Presented by Cristal Clarke


This multi-level backyard is great for socializing after the sun goes down, thanks to the hot tub.

Santa Barbara | $3,295,000

Presented by Lorie F. Bartron


This built-in fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for cuddling up with your loved one or reminiscing with a friend.

Montecito | $2,995,000

Presented by Lorie F. Bartron


Ready for a memorable night around the firepit with your closest friends and family? Just add string lights, chairs, and maybe some citronella candles!

Solvang | $2,799,000

Presented by Laura Drammer


This courtyard-like pool setting makes it easy to quickly get from the warmth of your home to the warmth of the hot tub, then back inside again when you’re ready to call it a night.

Escondido | $2,750,000

Presented by Cindy Waasdorp


This large firepit is just what you need to end a cool fall evening surrounded by friends and your favorite snacks.

La Jolla | $2,695,000

Presented by Michelle Dysktra


All that this large fireplace on this home’s patio needs is a big, cozy outdoor sofa to curl up on and relax after a long day.

Rancho Santa Fe | $2,688,000

Presented by Delorine Jackson


A fireplace set over a waterfall and hot tub? Yes, please! This intimate spot is perfect for a date night at home.

San Diego | $2,300,000

Presented by Kathleen Colbert & Joel Young


Hot tub? Check. Space for a firepit? Check. Create your own fall-friendly backyard with a portable firepit, some cozy chairs, and towels and robes for anyone who takes advantage of the spa.

La Jolla | $1,999,000

Presented by Michelle Dysktra


We think that this backyard is perfect for fall, with its string lights, built-in firepit, and space for friends to gather!

San Diego | $1,770,000

Presented by Blumenfeld Group


We love how this home’s balcony is still fall- and winter-friendly thanks to its fireplace!

Santa Barbara | $1,695,000

Presented by Lorie F. Bartron


This spacious deck has plenty of room for couches, fire pits, heaters, and anything else you need for a cozy fall night outside.

Santa Barbara | $1,589,000

Presented by Lorie F. Bartron


This pool and spa combo means you can spend the day swimming laps and the evening staying warm in the hot tub.

San Diego | $1,285,000

Presented by Carol Wong-Clark


This backyard looks truly magical at night, with plenty of room to gather around the fireplace or soak in the jacuzzi.

Chula Vista | $1,199,000

Presented by Cromwell Team


With views like these, you’ll never want to head inside no matter how cold the night gets! Luckily, there is a spacious hot tub that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view from.

Escondido | $1,174,900

Presented by Tom Lux


The blazing fire bowls located on either side of this spa make for both a grand entrance and a well-lit evening.

San Diego | $1,075,000

Presented by Andrea Young


This backyard may look like it was designed for summer, but thanks to its spacious spa there is no need for the fun to end even when summer does.

Poway | $1,050,000

Presented by Cindy Waasdorp


Too cold to wait in line for the waterslide? Just slip into the hot tub in between turns!

Escondido | $990,000

Presented by Cindy Waasdorp


With some string lights, a blanket, and towels to dry off for those who jump in the spa, this backyard looks like a very welcoming spot to enjoy a cool fall night.

El Cajon | $935,000

Presented by Cromwell Team


When you’re finished with the hot tub, dry off and gather around the fire pit. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Valley Center | $889,000

Presented by Mike Rush


This backyard has plenty of space to run and play during the day, but when the temperature goes down along with the sun, it’s time to gather around the fire or take a dip in the spa.

Valley Center | $865,000

Presented by Links to Coast Realty Group


This lovely gas-powered fire pit will ensure that you always stay warm when getting some fresh air, no matter what time of year it is.

Oxnard | $765,000

Presented by Jessica Purdy


This inviting fire pit has plenty of room for everyone to grab a blanket, pull up a seat, and chat around the warmth of the fire.

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