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The kitchen has a special place in each household. It’s where your favorite vanilla-frosted holiday cookies are carved from scratch and baked to golden-brown perfection; where Thanksgiving dinners are thoughtfully prepared before coming to the dining table; and where your closest friends gather for a sip of Cabernet and nibble on snacks before a night on the town. The kitchen is where some of our happiest memories originate and persist. 

Yet, despite how many hours we spend preparing our meals for the week or perfecting recipes, it’s easy to become so immersed in our tasks that we begin ignoring the workspace around us. The kitchen’s appearance falls off as a priority as we focus on everything that needs to get done. Considering how much time we spend in the kitchen, it deserves to be a beloved spot in your home – a place that you look forward to being in.

Given how often we utilize our kitchens, it’s not the craziest idea in the world to invest in updating it. It’s possible to bring your dream kitchen to life with just a few changes here and there – and it doesn’t have to call for a major overhaul. Regardless of whatever budget you’re working with, keep reading to find out kitchen upgrades that will transform your space into the welcoming and luxurious place it deserves to be.

Revamp your countertops

It’s true – trends come and go, and your countertops can, too.


Counters have the magnificent effect of creating the aesthetic for the entire kitchen design. Whether you’re looking at laminate, granite, quartz, or ceramic tiles, there are a plethora of options to choose from, with varying colors, textures, and other characteristics that are important to you. However, understand that all surfaces carry pros and cons, no matter how perfect the material appears the moment you first lay eyes on it.

Granite, once high in demand, has now fallen to the wayside in favor of engineered quartz surfaces. Since granite is a type of natural stone, it requires periodic sealing to maintain its integrity and to prevent stains. As you’re selecting countertops, it’s incredibly important to consider upkeep, and to be realistic in determining how much time, effort, and money you are willing to invest in your dream kitchen.

Do you currently live in a rental space? Stick-on countertops come in a variety of colors and textures, making for a chic, easy, and cheap way to transform your space. They can be purchased at major retailers, home improvement stores in your area, or online.

Invest in a backsplash

A backsplash can have a major impact on setting your kitchen’s tone.

This specific paneling, usually located behind a sink or stove, is meant to protect the wall from splashes during food preparation. Considering their prominence, they are a critical element to consider when designing your luxury kitchen. There’s an immense selection of design, material, and colors to choose from – and that can be a bit overwhelming! Many folks like ceramic tile for its heat-resistant properties and immediate wow-factor, but note that they require a bit more attention when cleaning due to their grout lines. Other popular options include glass panels and natural stone backsplash, which are easy to clean and project a modern aesthetic.


Given their visibility, backsplashes should never compete with your countertops’ design and color. A difficult contrast between these two major kitchen players can create an overwhelming and messy environment.

It’s all about the cabinets

Cabinets aren’t just for the storage. From beautiful wood finishes to crisp white painted doors, cabinets are a pinnacle of the kitchen space. If you like the style of your current cabinetry, opt for cabinet refacing or a fresh coat of paint. If you plan to upgrade your kitchen with a full remodel, nothing says luxury quite like custom cabinetry built just for you! Finish the space with under-cabinet lighting to accentuate your beautiful countertops.

Play with light fixtures

Lights are an essential part of any room, but it’s easy to forget that they can also be displayed like pieces of art!

In this day and age, there are infinite different ways to showcase room lighting. If your kitchen is otherwise clean and neutral, and not in major need of a complete overhaul, adding a few quirky light fixtures or installing a statement chandelier can dramatically change your kitchen’s entire character.


Before going off to your local lighting store and buying every unique hanging light fixture you can lay your hands on, take some time to consider what kind of an atmosphere you are trying to create for your kitchen. A luxury kitchen embraces simplicity and cleanliness, with bits of sophistication found in the details. Remember you can always add more if needed, so don’t go overboard!

Lighting can make a big impact beyond just the fixtures. Light helps add warmth to the space as well as enhance the colors of your cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and kitchen counters.

Upgrade your faucets and hardware

Chances are your home has very standard drawer handles and faucets, unless you purchased a custom property.


That said, upgrading your faucets and hardware makes a major impact on your kitchen’s overall look and it’s quite easy for homeowners to do themselves. This can be as simple as painting worn-out handles in gold or a similar metallic color, or replacing your knobs and pulls with unique fixtures. Luxury living truly finds its way in the details, especially cabinet hardware. Your guests will certainly take notice of this added sophistication. Additions like these will make it look like your kitchen was custom-designed.

The great part about updating your hardware is that it’s relatively cheap. Depending on whether you’d like to repaint your existing knobs and handles, or buy completely new ones altogether, this seemingly minor update will make a big change in your kitchen.

Install modern flooring

If you have room in your budget for it, upgrading your floors will dramatically and instantly get you one step closer to your dream kitchen. The floor takes a beating in any home, especially in the kitchen. Updating your kitchen flooring will make a big impact and you’ll definitely see a return on investment with beautiful new floors!

Whether you’re looking for marble tile, wood, bamboo, laminate, or something else, revamping your kitchen floors will make a big impact and you’ll definitely have your guests ask you about it. An update like this is impossible to ignore! It is important, however, to understand that the process may take a bit longer than you may expect. Hiring professionals to replace your floors can take weeks, depending on the material you choose, your current flooring situation, and who you’re working with. Make sure to use your best judgement when scheduling these renovations, and take into account your own schedule.

Be sure to consider your countertops, as well as your backsplash (if you have one), when you are looking to get new flooring. Remember – a luxury aesthetic is never overwhelming, contrasting, or overly busy.


Making your dream kitchen spring to life doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to happen all at once, either. Inspiration comes at the most random of moments – and it can certainly take time, too! The kitchen is an integral part of every household, and should be a place you enjoy returning to and spending time in, day after day.

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