September 9th, 2015 at 9:30 am

autumn at home

How is it that summer has ended and fall is already here?

For many states, fall is the time of year that the leaves change color and the weather starts to cool down. Here in Southern California, however, we get to continue enjoying our sunshine and beach days well into the fall season, sometimes experiencing even hotter temperatures than during the summer months.

While that’s great, some of us like to start getting into the fall spirit. Here are some ways you and your family can make your home feel more cozy and ready for the holiday season.

DIY cinnamon candles

What you need:

These candles are super easy and super festive. Make a few and give them as gifts, use them as centerpieces, and place them around your home.

DIY burlap wreath

Burlap is becoming a popular material to decorate with, and it certainly fits in with fall. Create a burlap wreath using this simple DIY by Craftaholics Anonymous. When you’re done, add fall-colored artificial flowers, leaves, or mini pumpkins. Your local craft store will have lots of tasteful decor items to choose from.

Fall flowers

Fall projects

Pumpkin flower vase: Using a pumpkin to hold your flower arrangements is a cute way to incorporate pumpkins into your decor without it feeling like it’s Halloween too soon.

If you don’t want to use a pumpkin:

What to put in your fall arrangement:

Bring out the blankets

Make your home feel more cozy by pulling out your extra throw blankets and pillows. It will give your home an intimate feeling and make your fall decorations right at home. You’ll have them handy for nights that it does start to get chilly and all you want to do is curl up with some hot tea and a good movie.

Display your coffee mugs

Hang your favorite coffee mugs using hooks or even a pegboard. This is a fun way to display your seasonal and holiday mugs that might otherwise be hidden in cupboards or boxes all year. You can even make it a tradition to get one new mug at the beginning of every fall season.

Do it yourself and make a “mug mural” (directions found here) or find a simple coffee mug rack.

Apple pie punch

We found this delicious recipe on The Cookie Rookie:


Combine apple cider, pear nectar, and ginger ale in a pitcher. Add apple slices after stirring well. This drink is best served cold or poured over ice. We suggest serving it in a carved out apple and garnishing with a cinnamon stick. Yum!

Spooky fruit

With fall comes Halloween and other exciting holidays, which means your kids will be eating lots of sweets and candy. When they are tempted by so many goodies, making fruit look yummy can be hard. Add a little spookiness to your kids’ lunch to encourage them to keep eating their fruits even when they’re surrounded by sweets.

Banana ghosts: Use two to three inches of a banana and stand it up so the round end is pointing straight up. Use chocolate sauce, Nutella, or chocolate chips to create the face of a ghost.

Clementine pumpkins: Peel as many small clementines or oranges as you’d like, then stick a small piece of celery in the top to make it look like a pumpkin. If you don’t have  enough time to peel a bunch of oranges, or you want to send clementines to school with your child, you can turn the orange into a jack-o’-lantern by drawing a spooky face right on the peel in permanent marker!

Mini caramel apples: Instead of battling a big, messy caramel apple, bite-size caramel apples are much easier and healthier. We found an easy how-to on My Litter‘s blog, but all you need are green apples, a melon baller, sucker sticks, and purchased or homemade caramel.

Candy corn fruit cups: In a small, clear glass, layer a yellow fruit, like pineapple chunks or banana slices. For the second layer, add an orange fruit, like mandarin orange slices or cantaloupe. Top it off with whipped cream and one candy corn.

What are some of your family’s traditions that you participate in every fall?

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