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Is working with your valentine a good idea?

We talked to several married couples in our branch offices who think it is. They’re together practically all day, every day, and even when they’re not, they’re constantly in touch on great deals for their appreciative clients. Think about it: If you’re a client, you get two dedicated agents who are focused on meeting your real estate goals at the office and, very likely, at home. What a sweetheart deal for you!

Here’s what our Cupid’s couples have to say about sharing their personal and business lives, and a little about how they plan to spend February 14 together:

phil-mindy-pomettoMindy Pometto and Phillip Pometto

Del Mar Office

Pometto Team Realty

“I think working together in real estate is great for couples,” Phillip said. “We try to always meet new clients together. I think it is good to have a male and female perspective on things, and our clients seem to really appreciate it. Plus, we can bounce ideas off each other all the time as we build our business. And with three kids now, our clients can always reach one of us if the other is volunteering in class, coaching a sport, etc. We will be married 10 years this September, and have pretty much always worked together.

“Valentine’s Day has always been very special because February 14 is also Mindy’s birthday. When we were first together, there needed to be two very clear celebrations since they are on the same day. It’s the same now, but since we have kids it’s more like a ‘family’ celebration and then a ‘couple’ celebration/getaway!”

Melia Indraindra-group and Oliver Indra

Rancho Santa Fe Village Office

Indra Group

“Yes, I recommend it–if they love each other enough,” Melia said with a laugh. “Our favorite thing about working together is playing together, and the flexible schedule. We work really well as a team. We know how to share tasks and whose strengths are best suited for each challenge.

“We met at San Diego State University in 1999. I was a resident adviser in the international dorms on campus and Oliver was a resident. He walked by my desk one day and I asked if he was new. It was instant attraction. We’ve been married for 16 years. Oliver entered real estate in 2009 and I followed in 2010.

“I was terrified about Oliver taking a commission-only job, but he was rookie of the year in 2010. I got my license so I could help him with marketing. But then I got lucky selling my first house to the first couple who walked in, and had a closed escrow within 30 days of my license, so I thought I could also have a knack for sales.

“Our ideal Valentine’s Day would be coffee and a walk on the beach. Going on a listing presentation and landing it on the spot. Then enjoying some delicious Pappardelle pasta with a good bottle of Zinfandel.”

Lisa Schoefflerlisa-gary-schoeffler and Gary Schoeffler

Ventura Office

Schoeffler Team

“The biggest upside is spending time together,” said Lisa, who has been married to Gary for 14 years. “We have lunch every day. We’re both on the same page, we have each other’s back, and always having that trust is essential.

“We decided to work together because we knew how demanding the industry was and how demanding our time would be. We wanted to be successful for our clients, but it was also important to spend time together. So it works out well this way.”

“Working together isn’t right for everyone, but when it works, it works. It depends on the couple,” said Gary, who met Lisa on a blind date. “Lisa’s parents were a team in real estate, and it worked for them too.

“Our ideal Valentine’s Day would be a short vacation on a very large yacht in the warm waters of the Caribbean.”

We wish all our agents and their significant others a happy Valentine’s Day, whether they work together or cherish the time they share outside the office.

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