August 3rd, 2015 at 10:00 am

Water conservation

It might be summer, but that doesn’t mean the grades have stopped going out. California cities are being tested and graded on their water-conservation efforts, thanks to Gov. Jerry Brown’s executive order that calls for Californians to reduce their water usage by 25 percent. If you don’t know what the order means for you, check out our guide to water restrictions for more information.

Since the order took effect on June 1, some cities and communities have been passing the new standards with flying colors. Although this is great news,  some communities could still use a little extra tutoring, and we’d like to help by showing you what some of the most successful communities are doing.

Some of the A+ students in the South Coast Water Region are:

Santa Ana, ranked as the fourth most water-conscious city according to the California State Water Resources Control Board, has been saving thousands of gallons of water every day. The average resident in Santa Ana uses only 47.5 gallons a day. Because of its water smarts, Santa Ana has decreased its water usage by an impressive 19.9%, conserving over 238 million gallons a month.

What can you do to save our water?

  1. Cut down on “warm-up” time by switching to a point-of-use tank-less water heater to save thousands of gallons.
  2. Save 5,000 gallons a year or 15 gallons per 10-minute shower when you switch to a low-flow shower head.
  3. Switching to a high-efficiency WaterSense toilet can help you save 1,200 gallons a year.
  4. Low-flow aerators on your faucets will cut your water usage by 40 percent.
  5. Hand washing uses more water than dishwashers do when full, and Energy Star dishwashers save you 5,000 gallons a year.
  6. Checking your water pipes or hiring someone to fix the leaks in your home can save you up to 2,500 gallons a year.
  7. Simply matching the settings to the size of your load on your washing machine can save you 1,300 gallons a year.
  8. Skip the hose when washing your car and instead use a sponge and bucket to save 840 gallons a year.
  9. Replacing your grass lawn with drought-resistant plants can save you 2,500 gallons a year. Check to see if you are eligible for rebates in Los Angeles and San Diego.
  10. Installing a pool cover can prevent the loss of up to 8,000 gallons of water a year.

We can all learn from these impressive communities, and thanks to SERVIZ you now have 10 easy and effective ways to save water in your home without disrupting your budget or daily routine. There are also loads of water-conservation tips on Pinterest and on our guide to water restrictions.

Many Southern California communities still are not making the effort to save water, and even those that are can save more. It is important that we all do our part to save our water. If you’re curious to see where your community ranks, SERVIZ has graded 29 cities using the California State Water Resources Control Board’s data.

Tell us where your city ranks in the comments and what you’ve been doing to conserve our water!



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