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There is no question that curb appeal is extremely important, whether you’re buying, selling, or you already own the home of your dreams. 

Front porches are a traditional element to southern homes. They serve as a way to cool off the house in the humidity of the south as a dedicated outdoor space to relax or entertain guests. Front porches come in a variety of different types, including the wraparound porch, enclosed porch, screen porch, open porch, and covered porch.

Though not too common in Southern California, they have curb appeal and practical use no matter where you live. Not convinced yet? Here’s just a few ideas of how to utilize your front porch:

Front porches also give you the ability to change up your exterior decor. Unlike the inside of your home, there aren’t many easy or immediate ways to spruce up the outside of your home. A porch gives you a space to style in the front of your home. You can change out your seating through the seasons, hang lanterns in the summer, or add cozy throw blankets in the winter. You can even add hanging or potted plants that you change out depending on the time of year. The opportunities are endless!

Whether you already have a front porch or you’re looking to add a porch addition to your home, these front porch designs are sure to give you some great inspiration!

Coronado | $3,995,000

Presented by The Clements Group


With two porches to choose from on two different levels, this home gives you the option for privacy on the second floor, or you can relax on the first floor when you’re in the mood to greet neighbors as they walk by. This is a great example of how to design a front porch that isn’t the focal point of the house. It’s simple and beautiful, yet doesn’t detract from the stunning front door and second-story paned window.

Santa Maria | $3,975,000

Presented by Laura Drammer


Perfectly symmetrical and incredibly inviting, this front porch may cause your guests to linger outside a little bit longer before coming inside. The detailed railings surrounding the porch and the planters by the front door help to liven the space.

Newport Beach | $3,095,000

Presented by Laura Dolan


We love the rocking chairs added to this home’s stunning and spacious front porch. And, with the fenced-in front yard, it’s the perfect spot to relax while watching your kids or pets play.

La Jolla | $2,895,000

Presented by Craig L. Gagliardi


This second-story front porch will take your relaxation to the next level! The light fixtures make the space warm and comfortable. We even spy a heater that will definitely be useful on cool fall or winter nights.

Santa Ynez | $2,150,000

Presented by Laura Drammer


Though not completely covered, this porch still offers some shade and plenty of space to soak up some sunlight. This porch and patio fusion is the perfect modification for a southern California home. We’re really loving the concrete floor and hanging swings. If you’re worried about getting too much sun, just add an umbrella that you can open or close as needed.

Santa Barbara | $2,066,000

Presented by Bunny De Lorie


This front porch adds just the right amount of charm to this rustic and beautifully crafted Santa Barbara farmhouse.

Los Olivos | $1,950,000

Presented by Laura Drammer


This wraparound porch extends to the side of the house and to the pool, this front porch provides plenty of space for chairs, tables, games, and even a barbecue! The possibilities are practically endless.

San Diego | $1,150,000

Presented by Kevin Hall


Though you may not have enough room for much seating, this front porch is perfect for lining with potted plants that will welcome your guests to your front door.

La Mesa | $925,000

Presented by Christine Valentini & Kevin Hall


Perfect for two, this cozy front porch is exactly what you need to enjoy a cup of coffee and the morning news.

Pacific Palisades | $19,000/month

Presented by Marni Galef



Can you imagine yourself seated around this home’s fire pit? We sure can! Your summer nights are meant to be spent right here.

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